Creating a office tournament


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I’m starting a number of tournaments at my office and I have a few questions:

  1. what rules should be in place to ensure fair play
  2. would you encourage brackets or round robin?
  3. anything else anyone would recommend?

The first tournament is street fighter 2 tournament edition (SNES)

  1. Depends on whatever rules you want. Typically the only rule is that you can’t interfere with the other person or their controllers, no physical violence, threats of physical violence, all the standard stuff. It’s up to you if you want to ban certain characters or tick throws, but it depends on the type of players you have available to you.

  2. Again, depends on how many players you have. The golden standard would be to play a double elimination bracket, 2/3 rounds per game, 2/3 games. So basically, the first person to win 2 games wins the match. I like to have Winner’s, Loser’s, and Grand Finals all be played 3/5 games per set.

If you have a very limited number of players, round robin format would be best, since everyone will get a chance to play each other, and you’ll get a much more accurate result in terms of who’s better than who. This only works if you only have a few players, since this format takes the longest to complete. A 16-man round robin bracket will literally have you playing for 5+ hours if you only have a single setup.

  1. You should also set how much it’ll cost to enter the tournament, as well as the prize spread. Do you reward 1st and 2nd place only? 1st - 3rd place? Special prizes for new players who do their best or put on a good show? Don’t be afraid to try out new ideas that you think will let the players have more fun.


Thanks for all of that!

  1. I don’t think physical violence will be an issue, I was thinking more along the lines of character bans. I think I’ll let everyone use who they want and let it fly

  2. I’ll be giving round robin a crack 4/7, players can choose who they want each round

  3. Entry will be free, I have enough swag from Japan and Taiwan to use as prizes

If the round robin ends in a tie, there’s always the possibility of an elimination fight!


Sounds good. I assume you’re playing SF2: Turbo on the SNES. Aka the HF port? That’s a great version of the game. Nobody’s really over-powered in that game, so you’re good to go as far as balance goes.

4/7 is a pretty long set. Depending on how many players you have, this could end up taking several hours or more of your time. If you want to do some rough match, calculate how long it’ll take for the average Ryu v. Ryu mirror to finish in a 4/7 set multiplied by how many matches you’re going to play. Assume two scenarios: That one player will win 4-0, or that it’ll be 4-3. From there, you’ll get a min/max of how long it’ll take to finish your tournament. If the average between those two is WAY too long, consider using 2/3 or 3/5 instead.

Round robins never end in a tie for 1st/2nd. A way to avoid ties for 3rd and below is to count the number of GAMES that each player has won in a given set. Whoever wins the most games will take the higher spot. If for some reason why win the exact number of games (which is unlikely) then you count the rounds. This is almost never necessary.


Yeah 4/7 is barely even used because it eats the clock. Stay clear of that if you can


The 3/5 battles are going well, we have one person who’s button mashing with blanka. Besides that it’s all good.

Any other recommendations for different games once this one is done?


You should probably ask your players what kind of games they want to play.


Yeah do a poll and ask em what games they want to try. If you have the pull and they’re willing, you can try out other games yourself.


If Blanka does electricity, you can do low hitting attacks (usually cr. hk is best for beginners) to hit him out of it (as long as you’re not too close). It’s better to learn counters early on rather than complain about mashing. I’m not saying that you’re doing it, but I’m sure some of the people in your office keep getting hit by electricity and would rather quit than keep playing because they don’t know how to beat it.

Most newer players like simpler games where they can do things easily. SF4, Mortal Kombat, and Injustice are probably popular for that. P4A actually probably wouldn’t be too unpopular if they don’t mind anime games. Just tell them to keep mashing A. Most of the other games are probably too hard for random people. Oh you know what? Everyone loves Smash.


ST/HD Remix would be good too, it’s not too far off from SF2 Turbo/HF.


what’s the age range of the people who entered?

I have a feeling SF2 was the choice due to the nostalgia factor. Maybe they might like something like Killer Instinct.


Hah, we have a mix of age groups.
Killer instinct was mentioned, we also have some KOF fans.


KOF 98/98 UM would be a fantastic choice if you have the means to play it.