Creating a Ryu tutorial

For a project, I’m going to be creating a video tutorial as well as a small FAQ for Ryu that includes an analysis of normals, moves/techniques, block strings, resets, mix-ups, combos, a section based around Denjin, and some flashy stuff support the conclusion. Also, I’d like to know if there are any specifics that I should include within the video.

this should help you out in what to do or ideas

Something about c.fp

Wtf… c.lp links with a

Corner mixups. At least, from some players I’ve talked too, Ryu “supposedly” is one of the best to use against opponents in corner.

good luck, you should post some of the sections you wanna cover here and other players could possibly help refine a few things. there’s a lot to post up since ryu is useful with all 3 supers. i could only help with the denjin section though

ryu dominates in the corner

I am looking forward to this, I wish I was decent with Ryu (or any character for the matter)

Alright, appreciate the feedback and assistance. I’ll get some stuff down later that I’m going to cover and see further into the SA specifics.

You should display some Ryu SGGK shenanigans, too.

Make sure it has a disclaimer that all ryu players should know how to use denjin hadouken… if you can set up good denjins, you’ll be better if you like any of the other 2 supers.

1.- Best pokes - Use of t.strong - c.fierce - cl.fierce - blade kick.
2.- Basics and most damaging combos
3.- High tier match ups (Yun, Chun, Ken, Dudley, Makoto, Urien) like, what to reversal, what not, etc
4.- Punishing
5.- Denjin
6.- Denjin set ups

Id say that covers plenty.

There are so many long Ryu tutorial videos out there already.
Just a handful that I found:


I have the clips shot and am in the process of editing. I haven’t covered everything stated, but that was only to fit in my school’s parameters to complete the video. As of now I’m going to consider it a draft because there’s a possibility that I may work on it afterward to enhance and expand it.

It will be up for download and on youtube before Wednesday of next week, thanks for the support.

looking forward to this. goood luck with the final outcome.

Wow, next week? Nice! Can’t wait Shaolin. Thx.


I finally have the footage put together in suitable form. It turns out that the video will be of 3-to-4-parts considering that each clip is around 10 minutes (the youtube limit). I still need to complete the audio bit and the video will be upped for download and view on youtube by tomorrow.

If you want to leave feedback I find it best to either post in this thread or respond via youtube video comment. Positive and negative comments are welcome and thanks for the anticipation and support.

Edit: Considering that I have to split the video into four 8-minute pieces because of my comp’s lack of sufficient video memory for the entire video, it’s going to take a bit more time to get the 4-parts published and upped for viewing. I apologize for the delay, I’ll try to get it out asap.

Because of difficulties with uploading to youtube, I went ahead and uploaded the full video to megaupload for the time being. The video turns out to be 328mb in .mpg format. Here’s the link:


Downloading NOW!

EDIT: Man It’s long…

EDITEDIT: 20 minutes and 56%!



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It was Cool, I like how you set things out…