Creating a Sakura noob guide to help myself and other new players




I’m new to SF and to fighting games in general. I’m having a pretty hard time learning and executing things (as expected). I chose Sakura as my main (too cute), even though I know Sakura is not very noob friendly. To help myself remember things I started writing things down and eventually my notes became a basic guide for Sakura that is aimed at new players (no fancy hard to execute things there).

I would really appreciate some veteran Sakura players looking at the guide and helping me make it as complete and simple as possible. If something is wrong there correct me, if something is missing tell me. I will appreciate any feedback.


there’s already something exactly like this in the stickies Sakura Beginner Guide, New to Sakura? Come Here! Now updated with Notes, Tips, and Video Tutorial! along with a google doc that can get updated.


I know that guide. It is good and comprehensive but as a new player I find it overwhelming and filled with execution heavy things I can’t really use. The purpose of the guide I’m doing is to create a relatively short “game plan” guide that has all the basic, easy to execute stuff a new player needs to practice and learn. I think that can have some value.

The main problem with character guides is that they are usually written by advanced players that think FADC combos are super basic. As a new player I can say they are not :smile:


There is plenty of easy combos in there that dont require you to do fadc, for example you can still learn all the meterless and one bar combos.


There are, but for a new player it’s not obvious what is easy and what’s not. New players that want to pick up this game have to go through a lot of material and do a lot of trial and error just to figure out what are the basic things they should practice and use. A lot of new players get lost and start practicing advanced techniques and combos because they read about them in a “beginners” guide and see top players use them. Then they lack fundamentals and basic understanding of their character and the game.

This guide is not a “Sakura guide” it’s a “Sakura noob guide” or in other words a sakura guide for noobs (like myself :wink: )


There’s no such thing as a “noob guide”, if you want to learn the character it’s best to start of properly from the get go, and that guide basically lays out everything you need to know right from the start. It’s up to the player to use whatever he feels necessary at the time. The difference between that guide and your guide is that your guide is incomplete when the other is not. This is also the reason why new players shouldn’t write guides in the first place, because they usually have no idea what to focus on.

But if you dont want to be helped by players with more experience then I’m not forcing you, so good luck in your journey.


I do want to be helped, see my first post. this is the point of this thread.


There’s no harm in a person writing a guide. If nothing else, veteran players can look at it and offer their help by critiquing its shortcomings appropriately.


that is the whole point of this thread :smile: