Creating a wireless arcade fighting stick

I’ve recently built my own arcade fighthing stick and I Love it. But since it was my first try I was thinking on doing a second one taking advantage of lessons learned.

One of those is that my super long USB cable (due to how my living room is setup) is a huge annoyance. However I’ve read that there are no wireless fight sticks due to lag, but is this true? I was thinking of using a busted up XBOX 360 Wireless controller that I have and building a fight stick from it. Is there any reason why this would work worst than creating it from a wired one?

I mean PS4 controllers are wireless and pros use them all the time, right?

I’d appreciate any thoughts.

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Thanks! But the idea, was to take advantage of my broken pad (only the plastic is broken) instead of buying another electronic board.

You can absolutely turn a busted controller into the brains of your stick.

What you want to do is called padhacking, there should be a wealth of guides on the site as to how to go about it.

Here’s the major thread on the topic.

Pinched some images that may be relevant if you’re hacking an official controller (images aren’t showing but the links still work)

If you wanna go this way you’ll need to do some soldering but otherwise very little technical skill is required to make it happen.

Thanks for the tips! I knew all of this, I just wanted to know if there would be any major problems for fighting games that I did not for see. I wanted to see some projects done because there is just ONE issue I’m not sure how to handle: The battery pack. Where were they stored and how do you gain access to them. Thanks for the pictunes. Now I don’t have to test which connection is which.

Another thing that kind of bugs me are the triggers. These are potentiometers and not buttons. So I’m not completely sure on how to turn them to an on/off thing.

After some light googling it seems like the triggers may prove to be a bit of a bugbear
I saw mention of some resistors and an NPN being used, or using a hex inverter.
Some of the threads either had dead image links or linked to deleted threads elsewhere.
Do a bit of digging yourself and post back if you have any success :slight_smile:


Will Do!

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