Creating Havoc: The Taka-Arashi Thread


Alright guys, I noticed there wasn’t a thread for the big man, and I want to do all I can to help up these forums (and get VF5 more recognition within the SRK community and FGC at large).

A good place to get started is with the VFDC Taka Forums.

This is really a placeholder for the time being. Discuss combos, matchups and general strategy, and frame data below – I’ll add all the information to these top posts, and hopefully we can get a semi-guide going.





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getting the game on friday completely because of this character <3


Well, we’re off to a good start. You’re insults only fuel my desire to sit on you and crush the soul out of your anorexic frame.


Kinda want to learn him just so I can use his fat ass to sit on people’s faces. Disrespect.


It’s kind of weird, but I’m actually happy he’s getting so much hate AND is (arguably) a top tier character. This means I won’t have to deal with a flood of people playing mah boi, and I’ll beat dat ass on the regular.


Hopefully starting this weekend. any of you sucka’s got bnbs yet?



Seriously though, this is probably a good place to look:

I don’t actually have BnB’s yet – I’m mainly just learning moves and game mechanics while making up 3-5 hit combos off of launcher as I go.


I’ve been playing Taka for a few days now. I’m pretty ass at VF in general, but here’s some stuff:


Easy mode is launch, PPPPPPP. Best combo to start with if you’re not used to the juggle system.

Otherwise, here are his combos that I have:
33P+K_P: P, 43P, 6KPP (easy mode PPPPPPPPPP)
P+K: 1PP, 6P+KPP or P, 6KPP (Easy mode6P+KPP)
Stance P: 43P, 6KPP (easy mode 6P+KPP)
4P+KP: 1PP, 6P+KPP (easy mode 46P)

Off of HCB throw and 1throw you get a free P+K into combo or 66PPP for RO

Now, some of his most useful moves:
P: i12, +5 hit, +2 blk. Basic jab, useful for setting up offense. Can continue into PPP NC or PP6P for a mid for duckers.
6P: i14, -1 hit, -5 blk. Basic mid attack. Beats duck jabs IIRC.
2P: i12, +4 hit, -5 blk. Basic duck jab. Beats highs.

66P: i14, KND hit, -8 blk. A decent GTFO mid. You can hit confirm the last two hits, good for RO.
3P+K: i16, +3 hit, -6 blk. Decent GTFO mid.
P+K: i15, KND hit, -5 blk. High headbutt combo starter.
1P+K: Tech crouch low. Good for getting under high jab strings. If they don’t tech you can get 3P+K_K_9P after.
4PP: This is one of your tracking moves, use this to keep step in check. NC unless delayed. Both hits are high.
44P: His 360 tracking move. Also hits high and puts in BT.
4KP: Decent kick string. NC on hit and puts you at +5 with the opponents side to you. Both hits track to his back, 2nd hit is high.
4P+KP: This thing is great. NC on hit, and very hit confirmable. You can delay this for days. On hit you get a combo. If they block you stop at the 1st hit.
4P+K+G: Punch sabaki. Works well vs most punch string to get out of pressure.
33P_P+K: Good whiff punishers at range.
HCB and HCF throws: Both good damage, these are your main throws.

No idea on stance yet.

Hopefully that gets you guys started.


Are their damage values we could get for these?


Very nice. Those will help me test the water with Taka. Much appreciated. Though to be fair I didn’t know he had any combos apart from PPPPPPPPPPPP.


3P+KP is a completely hit checkable mid-mid that launches! Very strong.


I think you’re referring to 4P+KP. 3P+K is the shoulder.


Shoulder is still considered a good move for Taka though, right? I won’t be able to check it out tonight, unfortunately…


Just uploaded quite a few matches with a real good Taka player, gl0ry85.


The rest are at my youtube page,


:eek: Uh ohhhhhhhh. Taka-Arashi with Brahma at the wheel? It’s a wrap, folks.

Taka is 2222 massive in this game. Ganryu needs to eat whatever this dude’s having.


Brahma, are you on PSN? I think I saw you online playing my guy in SCV once.

Add me for games: FlyMike45

Been playing with some pretty solid Tekken guys and VF players plus local scene since VF4. I’m not high level(yet) but I def feel real comfy competitively with the game. Get at me.

Ganny’s an old man now. But he can still hang. Taka IS fucking brutal though.


I’m maining Taka, I’m complete ass at him but I couldn’t resist as a Honda player.

Sumo ftw.


Yeah I’m on PSN @ BrahmaDDT. I’ve been getting better at the game. I’m still kind of ass, but at least I realize what is going on a lot better than I did.

Some stuff:

Just trying to stay basic mostly. A lot of standing P into frame traps/step catch. Trying to play safe in close with P_2P_6P_4P. 4P+K+G is a sabaki that eats jabs and most 6P type elbows up to I think 2 hits. It activates in 1-2 frames so you can throw it out vs people that try to jab check your safe moves. HCF+P also sabakis 1 hit of mid/high punch/elbow up to I think 15 dmg, and is active on frame 1.

4P+K gets a lot of use from me. I hit confirm it into the 2nd hit or on block I delay it for people who get antsy or go into throw_4P.

I throw too much. Bad habit from SC. Taka’s throw game is too good though. HCF_HCB both do hella damage. You can RO with HCF_66_catch throw (catch throw and release is pretty lulz) and back RO with 4 or FC46.

4B+K is a hella good move in oki. Hits grounded, and +1 if they block it. Once they start teching you can usually force them to block 2_8 K+G which gives you a free P+K into combo or 66P for RO. Still not sure how to deal with wakeup kicks other than to block or backdash 33P+K. I’ve had 1P+K and 3K both hit them out of wakeup kicks but I haven’t messed around with it enough.

Speaking of 1P+K, it’s a hella good tech crouch to interrupt P strings. On hit if they don’t tech you can land 2P+KP_3P+K_K. Tech you can set up your 2_8K+G.

Still trying to find my approaches and keepout stuff. P_P+K_6P_3K are decent GTFO. They all stuff things pretty well if you stick them out on an opponent trying to come in. 3P+K works pretty well too. It’s not a TC like I originally thought though.

On approach I’ve been trying K_4KP_6K stuff_66P. But nothing seems to outshine the others. 6K has nice range and 6KP is NC with the option to go into stance or delay the 3rd hit. 2nd hit is high though. 4KP is NC with a sideturn on hit, but again it’s high on the 2nd hit. Semi- hit confirmable as long as you don’t delay too long. 3K is alright, gets you a knockdown. K is ok, gives you +1 on hit, and stuns backdashers. 66P is pretty good at i14 and some reach, with the optional delay PP after. 2K has pretty great range, but you’re at disadvantage on block. I need to mess with HCF+P and 43P more. K+GP too. All are pretty sick.

Been trying to use stance. Some great tools but you have to work to get people to get hit by them. Off of 6KP_6P+K_PP block or hit they can pretty much duck jab you out of every stance option except 2_8P+K+G, which leaves you at like -1/2 if they 2P. Stance I’ve found to be pretty much only useful off of 4P and 4PP since it leaves you at a slight advantage, and stance P+K beats duck jabs, and stance K beats duck jabs off of 4PP. So maybe only useful against noobs and to use raw stance to duck highs. As far as the stance options, P is a 360 swipe that gives a combo on hit. P+K is the fastest option and a mid, K is a TC low that gives +f and combo on CH (1PP into whatev). 4P+K+G does a backstep that goes into a punch/elbow sabaki, 2_8P+K+G goes into a huge SS. P+K+G is a high clap that gives a free P+K on block (Ganryu f+2~1+2).

Trying to make some use from catch throw. The throw by itself is alright. Better range than most throws, which catches a lot of people off guard. Decent damage on the back throw from it and the front throw you can get 1PP, 6KK combo. BT P+K is a mid hit AT that shifts into catch throw also.

That’s all I got for now. Still trying to find how to beat wakeup kicks. Also trying to figure out the wall combo system. I know that in most cases if I hit a wall mid combo I can only land 6KK. If I land a big wall splat like 46P, I can get something like 43P~P+K+G~P+K, 6P+KP for pretty big damage.