Creating Openings

It seems that one of Gouken’s main weaknesses is creating openings for landing damage. He excels at punishing, but I often find it very difficult to create openings when playing a skilled opponent that knows Gouken’s tricks.

Even when utilizing some of Gouken’s mixup options to create an opening, if the opponent is familiar with what Gouken is capable of, and how to exploit this your options become very limited.

I often wonder if much of the success I have had playing Gouken is a result of my opponents not knowing the matchup due to the low number of people who play him.

Any insight on this topic or advice for creating openings is welcome and appreciated.

do the things that make them do the things that let you jump on them, then, when they least expect it, jump on them.

I am pretty sure the only way I get half of my dmg off online is from, doing a close M.DF over the opponents head on wake up and them trying to turn around and throw. Right before you hit the ground do the Kick and it gives you just enough hang time for them to miss their throw. Its sad but it has worked for me about 85% of the time.

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Try walking up and poking with cr. lk ~ hado and st. mk. This should give you a little breathing room as they will start doing things to counter hit you are to escape, just read and act accordingly.

Walk up and use cr. mp and cr. mp ~ hado or GF (if the cr. mp hit’s the option select will activate, if it whiffs nothing happens).

If you Anti Air their jump in with Cr. FP you can ~ hado / GF. If you do the hado you can charge it and release it to hit as a meaty, or you can transition to GF to rush in, you can also meaty your Denjin after the AA cr. FP.

Use EX GF at point blank range after a knockdown, walk up, or empty jump. The threat of the cross up dive kick is huge.

All of but 1 of Goukens normals are safe on block, so feel free to poke away.

What normal

What is his 1 normal??

Cr. FP… and this can be used as a 2 in 1 with lp hado to make that safe.

1- Jump in mk,2 lps and wait.This is a bait for srk mashers.Even works against pros.(don’t flame on me if you get thrown)
2- -> lk demon flip.This is a focus attack beater.You’ll be already in air before focus attack can hit you.Wasted fa = ~wide open
3- During the blockstun of hadoken -> demon flip grab.Works like a charm(gets beaten by srk mashing)
4- Double hadoken to palm.This one is safer compared to single hadoken version because blockstun is long enough to be followed by palm.(blocked palm isn’t safe)
5- Against any shoto: After knockdowns.Neutral jump in front of them,before they wake up,use air tatsu to beat their wake up srk.
6- During fireball fight against any shoto,use lp palm from mid range to bait a srk.(works against advanced players)
7- During fireball fight against any character,immediately use instant air ex tatsu(fully accelerated),what your opponent think is demon flip but this is a surprise.(works against advanced players)
8- Chip damage victory: Hadoken fadc then air HK/ex tatsu.Possibly an anavoidable ground and air strike

I hope these help.