Creating patterns in my

** I’ve noticed I have been creating patterns in my gameplay, that must be pretty easy to figure out. Because against good players who catch on, they adapt and crush me completely. So I was wondering How do you guys work on or prevent yourself/s from creating patterns in your gameplay? Thanks in advance**

Id say the best way to get rid of patterns in the broadest sense is to leave as many options as possible open to you at any time. If you find one cornerstone of your defense trumped then have in mind another you can pull out to give yourself enough time to think for yourself another way to keep yourself safe. If your defense consists of stand roundhouses to keep the opponent out and you find that they find a way around that then be prepared with other options to yourself to safety so you can find another way to guard yourself. In the situation of the roundhouse failing you could quickly backdash, focus, etc to get you out initially and try different pokes to keep the opponent off. Having the initial get off/ get out maneuver can help you to recreate your defense mid game.

As far as offensive patterns go its the exact same thing. Having more options will help you to better mix up your opponent, and if you find one option that they are having trouble dealing with, just go to that option more than the rest (only occasionally going to different things to keep them on their toes) unless it really stops working. Again, the basis for avoiding patterns is to have your options open; play with confidence and be able to give yourself room to spread out.

While this is probably a given, the best way to avoid predictable game playing is to stay focused and pay attention to their tendencies. Try to find the area of your gameplay that is the most vulnerable and turn it against them. Just going autopilot, or allowing emotions to take over while playing is a surefire way to get beaten as you have. You have to put your ego behind you and focus on how they’re opening you up the way they are. I mention putting your ego behind you because in my experience i have been read like a book when i get angry that i can’t beat someone air to air or because my wakeup isn’t working so i just keep doing it either because I’m scared or because I’m angry I’m getting beat instead of thinking (I’ve lost dozens of games trying to jump roundhouse someone else jump roundhouse and getting stuffed every single time). Hope this helps and good luck leveling up your game!

Change up your training regimen, and make a conscious effort to focus on the weaker aspects of your gameplay. This way you become a more well-rounded player who’s capable of changing up their patterns, changing your playstyle, on the fly, to keep your opponent guessing at all times.

Think of it like this, imagine that you go to the gym every single day, and all you can do is work-out your arms and chest. You do bench presses, bicep curcles, shoulder press, all that shit, this is all you know, this is the only thing you do in the gym, this is your training routine. But the rest of your body, your legs, your back, your core, is weak as the day your first started. So now in order to increase your overall strength, you have to train the weaker parts of your body. It will take time, you’ll have to start with basic exercises and lower weights, but eventually you’ll soon to be able to have a more balanced body build.

Same kind of thing applies to your situation. You’re going to have to pick out something that you never do, that will benefit your overall play, and really make it the focus of your playstyle when you train. At first you’re probably going to lose a lot of games since you’re playig outside your comfort zone, but once you learn how to win, you’re basically adding another tool to your deadly arsenal of tricks and tactics you get you that win. So let’s say that you predictably go for tick throws too often. Now you should begin to learn how to do frame traps, and change the timing of your attacks, in order to catch the other guy mashing on crouch-techs. Maybe you go for too many reversals on wake-up or when you’re put in a block string, and now you have to learn how to just block. Blocking is a very powerful move, that all newer players never use to their advantage.

Change up your game, and you’re to see a lot of improvement in your win/loss ratio.

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Thanks you guys I really apreciate it!