Creating The Ultimate Crossover Fighting Game


Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat vs Marvel vs DC vs…

I’ve seen many videos, games from MUGEN that were terrible and not worth calling a fighting game. I would like to fix that and I need help from the experts here at this forum.

I’m currently working on a game with a focus on character development for a more balanced game. A better select screen and more stages will be focused on later. Please feel free to

Get The Ultimate Cross Over Fighting Game Beta here

Here are the things that I think is wrong with the mugen games currently out there:

A lot of complete games are merely “plugged in” together without any thought of editing it or making it flow better, or making it balanced, etc.

Because characters are made by different authors, the sizes of characters doesn’t really make sense… i.e. I’ve seen Mortal Kombat Characters that are 30% bigger/taller than Street Fighter Characters

The Game itself is very UNBALANCED!

Many characters are glitchy

“Complete” Games include a character roster of “joke fighters” such as Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin - don’t get me wrong I like these characters but they belong to a different type of fighting game and not in the same place as sf, mk, dc, marvel, etc. characters

**What I’m trying to accomplish: **

Fix all the problems mentioned above and Make a fighting game fan’s dream come true by…

Putting fighters and characters together in one big fighting game and finally settle who’s the best

Create a storyline that makes sense as to how all these fighters came together and why they’re fighting in the first place. Storyline will also explain how a seemingly normal human being like E Honda can possibly try to fight Superman…or Silver Surfer…it will have something to do with unknown forces having an effect as a result of Universes colliding…or something… if any of you have any suggestion please let us know :wgrin:

Balance out the strengths, weaknesses, powers for each character so it is possible to actually beat any character with any other character. But at the same time acknowledge the original storylines for each character and take that into consideration. i.e. while it is possible from our previous example for E. Honda to beat Superman, it would be very hard and take a lot of skill as Superman will still dish out the more (a lot more) powerful strikes while taking very little damage from E Honda. E. Honda in the meantime might have moves that could prove effective against the man of steel.

Include the best version/edit of each character. Sometimes a character will have multiple versions so we’ll try to customize those characters and combine the best versions together.

Inlcude only characters that people actually know/care about…and some that are very interesting even if they’re not that popular.

Make moves easier to do…i.e. having alternate options to doing certain moves like not having to charge to do a sonic boom or a flash kick!

Moves will be easier/more challenging to do based on how the move will make the character more balanced…so if a move does a lot of damage it will be a bit harder to do or might require more super meter charged, etc.

Include only the best stages with the best music from many games…we’ll give preference to HD stages

So on and so forth.

I have already done the items above to some extent to the characters on the game I’ve put on.

Here is the download link again:

You are more than welcome to download it and play with it. Please let me know what you think.

Note about the game: I’m currently focusing on developing characters right now so the select screen, stages are not the best.

What I need help on:

Your Input. Tell me how the game is, what characters you would like to see added/removed, etc. and let’s develop it together.

We’ll focus later on the screenpack/character select screen and the stages, music.



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What? Dude! I can have Broly tag-teamed with Scorpion fight Ryu and Superman?! This is a GOLD MINE! A GOLD MINE I TELL YA!


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