Creation & Replication

Having a personal thread seems to be a trend these days. So like any other self respecting artist here, i copied it thank you.
It’s actually alot more convenient this way, no more loose threads; and i’ve been sketching alot more lately. Most of which are a bit too pathetic to post here but the few that i do like, i will be sure to post.

Take this Ibuki sketch, for example:±in%3Ascraps

This is also new. Yes, i know Christmas was so last year but it was for the SF Devotion thing. Hmmm, who won that thing anyway?±in%3Ascraps

The full size version can be found on my deviantart page as usual.

Thanks for viewing, and remember if you don’t post a comment i’ll assume they’re perfect. Cheers to that.

hehe…yea everyone start their own now out of nowhere, but ill never get tired enjoying these amazing pics…i love your abuki…she looks beautiful, and nice gief…i hope youll keep posting your pics like other guy with their threads…

Thanks alot, i will try to do so. Many sketches i start and don’t finish. Sometimes i leave it for such a long time that i become estranged to the whole thing and start something new. Very bad practice.

Finally found some time to colour it. I think it turned out ok-ish.

Full view here:±in%3Ascraps


Wow jz_chu237 that Ibuki is great! You’ve comg a long way man. Your anatomy is more defined now, and your colouring keeps getting better n better. Esp like how her right arm turns out. Only minor nitpick is the pose is a little stiff… need to loosen up a bit there.

I also like the Zangeif one.:bgrin: The little kid pulling his beard is cute. And I like that you can’t see his face… heheh… strangely it makes him funnier…

Thank you Mr.Twelve! It’s always really rewarding when someone says nice things, but i’ll have to ignore the stiff part. Just kidding, i’ll add it to my list of things to look out for.

Thanks again.

Awesome coloring! Do you use a tablet?

Thanx, i do use a tablet. Recommended if you’re considering buying one.

San from Princess Mononoke - love that film. My tribute to that film and Studio Ghibli. Hopefully the first of many.


^Man this one is HOT! Can’t wait to see it colored. Just saw it again with my girlfriend. I notice something new everytime I watch it.

Films by Ghibli are like that, there are so many little things to take in, that you won’t be able to see them all in just one viewing. Thanks for commenting.

Another a new pic. Now, this is what i call prolific. The concept: the year is 3046, and armoured suits are mass produced for commercial consumption to defend civilians from the ever increasing threat of terrorism (not the most original - i know).
Crap, i forgot the tagline. Well it was supposed to read “Imcompatible with McDonalds”, the joke was supposed to be ironic that you couldn’t have a McDonalds with the suit on, but it could withstand a nuclear bomb. Meh, i’ll probably include it in the final version.

Haha that’s just great! I like some quirkiness in a story. Having trouble picturing how the suit functions, but the colour is nice.:bgrin: I think some people don’t see the awesomeness of flat colours.

I really enjoy seeing your stuff. Post more! Btw why aren’t u participating the 3rd Strike challenge? :annoy:

yeh i’m not sure how that suit works either but that mcdonald’s cup spilling is greatness haha.

join the challenge!

…I don’t know how it works either.

Mr.Twelve: Flat colours rock! I still have trouble understanding how effective its simplicity is. When i started to apply more detail, it just didn’t work and reverted back. Thank you, i will try to post more stuff. What happened to your site? I really love your stuff.

D-Fist: It’s a mystery, maybe she’s not controlling it at all? Thank you, btw i really like the way you’re progressing.

I hope to join the Challenge real soon. There is some really great work going on over there.

Hehe yeah that happens to me sometimes too.:bgrin:

My site is no longer updated due to the problems of hotlinking geocities images. But worry not! I am planning to make a whole new website and dump all my stuff there! Even… gasp original character drawings! :looney:

Great, can’t wait to see your stuff again, especially the new original character concepts. I really admire original work.

Another tribute to Studio Ghibli, though it’s not strictly fanart.±in%3Ascraps

A coloured version of San.

Ibuki for CSFAC: Round 2±in%3Ascraps

Some new pics:±in%3Ascraps

^ nice job on the colours :slight_smile:

I love the way you colour! What are you using to colour these?