Creative Zen Vision : M AND 1st Gen 16gb Ipod Touch - 200$

Hey guys and galls,

I’m trying to let go of some old hardware - what I have here is a Creative Zen Vision : M , 30gb, and my 1st generation 16gb Ipod touch for sale. They are both used - and, I’ll be honest, they are in decent condition.

The Zen has a small chipping of paint missing, - but here’s the kicker, you never see it, because I’m throwing in the silicone case for it if you get it from me with the ipod touch! And I mean, it don’t even affect performance, shieeeeet!

Here’s a list of more badass stuff that comes in this deal, all for 200$, plus shipping :

-Zen Vision M A/V Out cable, allows you to play video to any component input on a tv
-Zen Vision M 3rd party charger
-Zen Vision M silicone case
-Ipod data cable, because, you gots to be transferring your shit
-Ipod case - it’s so tough I couldn’t even get it off jesus christ

I really hope someone picks up these suckers because I’m trying to just find a new home for these guys. So, have a heart, take both. For the price of one.