Creature Design Thread


I’ve seen this in a bunch of other art forums, and i figured it could do well here. So here it is.
What I want to happen here is that someone draws a creature and then nominates two creatures to have babies. You don’t get to suggest a beast unless you have drawn one. You can choose to draw any of the suggestions that people have made in the past, but you can’t give a suggestion unless you have drawn one yourself.
Lets keep to real animals/insects for now.

I drew a MEERKAT (timon from lion king) and and ELEPHANT.


ok so next person has to draw either their take on the elephant/meerkat


I’m putting Grizzly Bear + turtle

these don’t have to be in color, sketches are fine too. anyone want in on this?


sounds interesting… thread stickied :slight_smile:


Oooh, I want in.



Cool creature, RW. Here’s my bearturtle.

I nominate a scorpion and a bat.


nice, fusing the shell to the back. great design.

here’s the scorpbat. pretty simple combination :sweat:

and for the next one…
let’s see a wolf and a shark.


It’s been a while since I been on here, but I like this idea.

How about an eagle and a gopher.


That’s how I would draw a scorpbat too, Bland_wolf.

Sweet wolf/shark, Bandit. Seawolf Mackinzie haha. Boy this thread died quick. Why don’t we make it so the creature design only has to incorporate 1 element from the previous? That way there will be more freedom.


what ever gets it rolling


eagle + gopher. done with ref.

sorry I took so long, a lot of stuff’s been happening in my life of late.

I nominate Octopus and Cat. Old rules or new rules, it’s up to the next person :slight_smile:


Rook, that is frickin’ awesome man. Eagle looks so proud with his acorn.


not my concepts or drawings of course, but i’m a big fan of Michel Gagne’s insanely twisted rabbits…


I love the eaglegopher! Very well done.


I tried to come up with a name for it, but they all came out inappropriate…:confused:

Anyways, I’m not to good with photoshop, but yea, that’s what I came up with.

Nominate a rhino and a lion, w/e rules the next person wants.


heres how nintendo would draw that one


lmao. my friend showed me the same pokemon and said i should’ve just drawn that.