Credit Card Inquiry


I’ve decided i would like to start building my credit. I’ve applied for 3 credit cards and all gotten denied due to the fact that i have no credit history (they would have been my first credit card). Now what i cant figure out is how the hell im suppose to get credit if they dont let me have a credit card. If anyone who was in the same situation has some idea’s or solutions to this, please, let me know ^^.


did you try capital one? they approved me when i didnt have any history.


I have 2 jobs, one part time for just the summer and the other is year round.


How old are you? Do you have any non-revolving accounts?


Becareful the more denials you have the worse it looks on your credit report. GO for a gas card or a small retailer like Khols or sears. Those are pretty easy to get


im 22 as of this july. Whats a non revolving acct o.o;? How bout a best buy mastercard…would that be a good idea?


This thread seems to come up once a year. I think generally the consensus is always that a credit card isn’t the best way to establish credit. How are you anyways? If you’re going to establish credit, do it on something worthwhile.

Edit: If you’re 22, how about getting an Auto Loan? One with a manageable interest rate with monthly payments you can afford? Of course you’ll need a cosign, but that’s how I established mine. Or what about school loans? That isn’t viewed as “bad” debt as well.


go to the bank and get a secured credit card. you have to put the amount of credit you want as a down payment (if you want a card with 300 credit limit, you have to put 300 in the account), that way the bank has collateral. as soon as you build enough credit, you can graduate to an unsercured card and you get the down payment back. go to your bank and talk to an agent. it is the fastest, safest way to build credit in this economy.


Hey OP i have a friend in the credit card business, let me know your social security # & ill see if he can hook you up…


What this man said, you can’t possibly go wrong.


Do you have any accounts in your name? I started off with a cell phone, and then credit card companies were banging at my door…


@kaz - dont have a car, getting my motorcycle license and then a streetbike, could the same situation apply to a street bike o.o?

@Nin-jay thanks, let’s hope my bank does that ^^

@tyrsis - Only think with an acct in my name is my checking acct >>;


Here’s a ridiculous but true story: back when i didn’t have any credit, i came up with the brilliant idea to open up a 1,000 dollar CD with a bank, and then borrow 1,000 against that CD.

but when i went to borrow the money, they denied me for lack of credit. i was dumbfounded and outraged at the stupidity of it all, but it was some impersonal bean counting rejection. still baffles me to this day.