Creed (New Rocky saga)

I… am not sure how I feel about this.

I HOPE it’s good.

They couldn’t even leave THIS one alone.

I’m curious about this. Apparently Rocky has a much smaller part in this.

Can’t wait to watch an hour and forty minutes of fight hype and training montages, followed by 15 minutes of boxing without blocking.

It has Michael B. Jordan so going to check it out.

It’s not an old ass Stallone in the ring this time so it should at least be decent.

Rocky 6 was good. Go fuck yourself with a broom.

The movie has potential.

I think the teaser is awesome and the movie could be something great :smiley:

Can’t wait to see it, and I’m not even a big fan of Rocky (I think I’ve seen probably only 2 or 3 Rocky movies).

Looks good. Jack Lipnick would be proud.

Late as fuck. This was known to be happening for a while now. It has the Fruitvale Station director. That makes me hopeful. Michael B Jordan came up. Dude is en errythang

I do like Michael B Jordan. I was pretty excited when I first saw the trailer.

Philly native here. Could barely care about the Rocky movies. Only one I remember clearly was the one with Dolph.

That being said, I’ll probably check this out due to MBJ and interesting angle of Apollo’s son.

I’m interested.

Rematch with Creed vs Old Man Drago plz.

fuck me, that’s got damn genius

Best I was hoping for was the ghosts of Apollo and CGI Mick

edit: is that the same chick who played Apollo’s wife in Rocky 2, and 4? Literally looks like she’s wearing the same dress and hairdo from the night he got clobbered to death by Drago.

The real story here is that Avon Barksdale finally got to meet with Wallace.

Holy shit. I didn’t know that was Wallace. That’s awesome.

Looks promising to me.

Time to go jogging.

There’s no easy way out!

Apollo boxing gear got me hype. If only dude would try to be as hype as his dad.

Seriously Rocky movies introduced wrestlemania hype entrances before they even existed.

The Lupe song got me hype

Can’t wait till we hear that song with Jay Electronica and Lil B [/details]

Avon and Wallace meeting had me hype. Michael B. Jordan is a good actor and this film has potential. I really want to see what happened to his father’s assets and who really won the unsanctioned fight between Apollo and Rocky.