Crewfest 3 Results 9/4/10

Top 3 Payout for Super Street Fighter 4:
1st - $90.00
2nd - $45.00
3rd - $15.00

Super Street Fighter 4 Results:
1: Blue (El Fuerte)
2: Rugi (Akuma)
3: Omni (Rufus)
4: iNerd (Cammy, Chun-Li)
5: Dr. Strange aka Holla at yo Koala (Dhalsim, Fei Long)
5: Sloth (E.Honda)
7: Elly Dude (Cammy)
7: SaltyB (Guile, Chun-Li)
9: Plasma (???)
9: Kilby aka Poppa Burgundy (DeeJay, Bison)
9: Pulse (Ken)
9: Ken in Black (Abel, Rose)
13: Crushinator (Rufus)
13: Yoho (Cammy, T.Hawk)
13: Dikrodnum (DQ)

Bracket Link:

Top 3 Payout for Brawl Doubles:
1st - $132.00
2nd - $66.00
3rd - $22.00

Brawl Doubles Results:
1: Korn + Candy
2: Boss + Chu
3: Takeover + Omni
4: Logic + GIMR
5: BMX + Meep
5: TKO + Speed
7: Famous + D0N
7: Dre + K9
9: Cody + Tristan
9: Pitzer + Yoster
9: Shift + LOL

Bracket Link:

Top 5 Payout for Brawl Singles:
1st - $148.50
2nd - $67.50
3rd - $27.00
4th - $13.50
5th - $6.75

Brawl Singles Results:
1: Omni (Metaknight)
2: Candy (Snake)
3: Meep (Fox, Ice Climbers)
4: Takeover (Snake)
5: Logic (Olimar)
5: ChuDat (Kirby)
7: Korn (Metaknight)
7: Speed (Sonic)
9: SovaMAN (Dedede)
9: BMX (Wario)
9: Boss (Luigi, G&W)
9: Poyo (Kirby, Jacobknight)
13: Pitzer (Pit)
13: Hey its Yo
13: GIMR (Ice Climbers)
13: Smokey (Yoshi)
17: LOL. (Jigglypuff, Metaknight)
17: 2-Fast (Mario)
17: NekomataMaster aka Oath (???)
17: D0N (DK)
17: Taj (Metaknight)
17: Zanna (???)
17: Rubberband Man (Ice Climbers)
17: Kenny aka K9 (Pikachu)
25: Yoster (Metaknight)
25: Famous (Mario)
25: RPG Fighter (???)

Results Link:

The Pentagon is clearly in position of power. Blue, a member of the alliance, went to go get that money. Good shit, sir.

Pentagon of GamePad guardians aka F Burg Boyz aka South City Gangstas

Blue/MattyP/MagMan/PvP/Eric V

sticks my aloha sign in the pentagon

If I messed up characters played, let me know so I can edit and fix it.

**damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

[media=youtube]DO5rnwhyju4"[/media] and gs to omni gettin paid. i like elly next tourney.


lol I know right, Omni won money in all 3 events. haha

Blue too goodz.

I used Rose too. Not that it matters.

Gotta step up in this game now.

GS to everyone that came out. Once again, another rough bracket. Got raped by Omni’s great Rufus.

Yo Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake. Good shit, Blue lol. Glad you’re defending the home turf. Definitely took that torch.

are there any vids of some sort? was this streamed?

It’s too bad the turnout wasn’t as big as anticipated, but the venue was nice. Gg’s all around!

Unfortunately, I don’t recall any of the matches being streamed.

Haha Wait, wtf?

Blue man, you are representing Fredericksburg HARD. We gotta get some training in soon. Good job!

Wish I could’ve made this tourney. I wanted to see where my Poop Sagat stands, now that I’m playing smarter.

Yeah the double booking killed the attendance. Too many TO’s in MD/VA.

HAHAHAHAHA, that stuff about the Pentagon is way too funny.

Holy Gamepad! CORROSIVE?! Its been way too long now man! I’ve totally dropped Ryu all together and main El Fuerte. He’s way too much fun lol

As long as it’s fun dude, do what you do. Glad to see you’re still around.