CRI WARE GDC 2009 SFIV Tournament 3/27/09

Thanx to the folks at cri ware there was a mini SFIV tournament at GDC 2009. Qualifiers were held for 2 days prior to final tournament, 10 wins in a row secured your spot. Due to time restraints the the finals were round robin, single elimination.

1st Place: John Diaz - M.Bison (dictator)
2nd Place Chris Dew- Balrog/Guile/Seth/Sagot
3rd Place Jay Demry- Ryu
4th Place Al Yang- Blanka

since my camera showed up late I was only able to record the final matchs.

Don’t forget to point out that all this shiz needed to be done on pad, it was the first time I touched a madkats pad before and I got bloody second. This thing was pure scrubbery though. If I get second using non primaries and I’ve only played the game ten times before and all those were on stick. Too bad you didn’t get my post game round against John as those were a tad better, or some of the early bastings handed out by John, myself, and Jay.