Cribs of Rage 3 daycare staff charged with running toddler fight club


why waste good chickens?


Thread title OP. Grasshoppaaaa!


Good for the organizers, kids are too soft these days.


Somebody broke the first rule.


I would pay top dollar to watch children wreck shit. Go find that 9 year old who was step kicking kids, and make him become their new heavyweight champion


Why are they always fat


The end result of too many babalities.


“Clearly one of the children is crying and does not want to continue on and he is pushed back into the fray by one of the adults,”

Make that two rules.


This played during recess.


Hey leave Scootaloo out of this. :lol:

The World Rugrats Championship Belt. :lol:


Not getting enough attention, that’s why.


I like how I click the link in the OP and the first thing I see is a picture of a Mexican.

… Of course.


Well it wasn’t in a prison so it couldn’t have been white people.

That being said, I love how people constantly tell on themselves via cellphone cameras and youtube.


Because it’s funnier that way. Like the fat comedian that’s the butt of his own jokes.


Also it’s hilarious that the place is named “Hands of our Future.”

This reminds me of how Jerry Sandusky named his autobiography “Touched.”


They should rename it “Fight for the Future.”


Soldiers of the future.

:rofl: Sorry, it’s early and the obvious good ones were taken. One thing is sure. These kids will have the bitchassness beat out of them from youth. Ain’t no scared little punks in THIS daycare!!!



If someone says “stop”, takes a nap, or poops their pants the fight is over.


I would love to see the tier list.

seriously, this shit may sound bad, but… I would wanna know if my toddler was fucking shit up(S tier). did he/she rush that shit down with color crayons or lame that shit out from fullscreen with juice? hmm… I wonder how many startup frames does a toddler command grab have? somebody get me the frame data.:coffee:


All I wanna know is if a Champ was declared?


As someone who may be a father in 2-3 years, I will cherish every single day I have left of finding stories like this humorous.