Crime boss falls through the cracks



He’s about to go from selling crack rock, to GETTING his ‘crack’ rocked.



This would be big news, if the US government wasn’t in league with the Sinaloa cartel for over a decade.

You know, the same Chicago that’s been in a perpetual murder spree, where the blame is passed on solely to the gangs, as if the drugs came out of nowhere.


Mexican cartel leader arrested by mexicans. He’ll be free in a week, and then he’ll find who led the operation and send him is family members intestines. This shit always goes in the cartels favor


What the difference between a drug dealer and a prostitute?


A prostitute can wash her crack and sell it again.


can i see his stash real quick


It will be so fucking glorious if he manages to escape once again. the US might off him just to gain points, even though several high ranking cartel mamebers from other cartels have come out in public and admited that the United states collaborates with them. I wonder what his confession tape would reveal, if they make one…

He’s powerful, but lets see how the Mexican authorities react, are they more afraid of the people, or the cartels at this point. Either way, with Mexico legalizing vigilante groups, Mexican Authorities are now free to confiscate and redistribute the wealth and drug networks without much fear of repercussions. cartels cannot fight the government and the people all at once…


hearing about all of the drug news from mexico really brings me down. my parents are from acapulco, guerrero. as i was growing up they would tell me all these nice things about the hotels and the beaches, it made me want to visit when i got older. now the city is infested with drugs and crime. it will probably be another 20 years before i can travel there safely.


I thought this was a thread about Obama. Damn.


From what I heard in the news this morning, the US is trying to extradite him to here. I guess that partnership is OVER. In truth, he wasn’t doing anything that the other cartels wouldn’t have done if they had gotten the chance first. It looks to me like he ran out of people to rat on, and we all know that you can’t negotiate when you don’t have anything the other side wants.

That sucks man. I hope you will get to visit there at some point. I didn’t hit up mexico when I could’ve before the drug problem got to where it is now. Hopefully, we’ll all get to hit Acapulco after things turn for the better. :tup:



Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto wanted to make-up Mexico’s image because in the last economy summit foreign countries said they wouldn’t invest in Mexico no matter the new Energetic laws since crime’s still too strong.

El Chapo’s capture will make things even worse, as he was one of the capos that knew to negotiate with United States. It’s said he was also the only capo that wanted the civilians not to be affected by the battles between drug trafficking cartels. Now as the drugs are now going to stay in Mexico and gangs will not be making money out of trafficking with USA, they’re going to find another way to make money.
Drugs are going to stay in Mexico so drug addiction, violence and other crimes like extorsion and kidnapping (that Chapo had forbidden to the gangs of the zone) are going to rise without any kind of control in the borders with USA (and I live in a state in the border).

I hope the rumours that the guy they caught is a double and the Government has Chapo allowed to keep on their business outside of the public light. After all, catching this guy won’t make crime disappear at all. Organized crime exists in Mexico because economy is so poor people needs something to live on; until economic conditions actually improve for the poorest regions of Mexico, organized crime will keep on existing; now, less competent people will take his place. And if they catch the bosses who actually care about society not being affected by the clashes between gangs, violence will only get worse and worse x___x


What’s up with the cartel kidnapping singers and shit…that shit is hilarious.


Banda and Corrido singers have always had close ties with the narco, so rival gangs take revenge on them.


What? Are you saying Chapo’s arrest will lead to less drugs in the U.S.?

Please. Nothing of the sort will happen. The guy probably already has a contingency plan that’s in effect by now. It’s hard to imagine a large empire such as this all being done by one man, and it’s well-documented that this one leaves most decisions to territories.

My, I mean, the U.S.'s cocaine flow will be fine.


Raz0r can smuggle like half of the coke that comes through Miami and Houston single assedly.


He was the most competent leader the cartel had, so yes, thinks are certainly going to get worst, not sure if much or little, but things are not going to be the same without El Chapo.


The whole “remove the head to kill the body” thing doesn’t really work, though. Not for this, anyway. He has competent underlings who have been doing this for him for years. He himself only caught a lucky break when his boss was arrested and he took over one of the drug routes. Someone will pick up the ball (someone is already groomed for it, according to the Times) and keep it going.

You won’t kill a billion-dollar machine by removing one person. It just isn’t realistic.


They’re still less competent than him. And also a succession war inside the cartel is going to erupt, for sure, weakening the organization and creating even more violence.

I’m not even worried about the destiny of drugs, but Chapo himself had forbidden extorsion and kidnapping in the region I live in, and I’m not sure his successor’s going to respect that :confused:


It pisses me off that the Mexican government doesn’t call out the US government on their shit. I hate how the US foreign policy destroys lives here and abroad with no repercussion, and the mechanisms of corruption just keep turning.

Less competency in a criminal organization usually means that they’ll use more terror tactics to suffice, which means a lot more bodies than the 70,000 that have already been dropped over the past 2 years. The reason why taking down leaders is ineffectual is because it’s a mere stall tactic. You have a multi-layered power structure, and the most ruthless amongst the high rankers will simply replace the former leader.

With a power vacuum things always get worse, and this probably won’t be a smooth succession.


Honestly it was probably better dude wasn’t captured. At this point you want the guys in power to stay in power because the older they get the less ruthless they get because they have built a decent rep up in their territory and aren’t into expanding their territory and just maintaining borders. A new guy is the worse to have he is gonna want to expand business ,kill rivals and forge new business deals by force . Mexico is so fucked up right now by cartels and the US agencys playing them off each other shit like this could actually cause the situation to reach critical mass


Seeing shit from the cartels on bestgore is what prevents me from going to Mexico. Some dude got his head chopped off simply because he bought his cocain/weed or whatever from a rival cartel. Jesus fucking Christ.