Crimp tool for AT-110 open-barrel terminals

Hi all,

I currently have a crimper similar to this set, but I’m thinking of using the AT-110 terminals available on AkiShop.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the spare… 5,600¥ for a Hozan P-706 crimper.

Anyone know if my current one will work, or of a cheaper alternative to the Hozan?

I own this one: Open Barrel B Type Crimp Tool, but once you add shipping it’s not much cheaper than the Hozan P-706 and seems to have fewer crimp sizes.

You can do it with your current one but it’s a PITA once you’ve used the right tool for the job.

Personally I’ve always used needlenose pliers to crimp them, but that’s because I use the ones without the little sleeve already on them. (the ones Etokki and Akihabara sell)
Which are AT-110s as afaik.

I went to a local electronics store and purchased a cheap Chinese-made ratcheting crimper. It was about $25 Canadian, which I figured I’d take the risk and bite the bullet because if it was half decent, it was so cheap it’s worth the price. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but it made my job a ton easier and for my purposes I was pretty pleased with its performance. If you can find something similar it’s probably not a bad idea in my mind although I know some members might disagree. I appreciate tools but when you don’t have the money for it, can’t always have the best.

I got a ratcheting crimper from for around $23 USD a month or so ago. It worked great for me.

Ratcheting open barrel crimpers? $23? Where? I don’t think that at that price they are the ones that he needs. I’ve seen them go this cheap for open barrel.

Your current crimpers will probably not work. They are likely for insulated quick disconnects. These are open barrel quick disconnects, do you need an open barrel crimper.

I’ve seen pliers used in a pinch for this, but the Hozan crimpers are so smooth :lovin:. Only thing better would be Ratcheting open barrel Crimpers.

Just ordered a pair for my self thanks for the link. has some good pricing I wonder who the quality is? We shall see :slight_smile:

wait which crimper was this and which store?
i need an open barrel crimper

I bought this one and this one

huh, open barrel crimper for 20-22 gauge wire for less than 10 bucks?

thx for the link. bought some open barrel crimpers. the free shipping sweetened the deal