Crimping technique

I’m doing my first mod right now and I’m having trouble crimping my 0.100 female quick disconnect to my wire. I’m not sure what gauge the wire is, but it’s the one you can buy at akihabarashop ( Most of the time, I find that the connection between the terminal and the wire is too loose since I can pull them apart while feeling a small bit of resistance. The insulation on the quick disconnect is loose after every time I crimp too. Right now I’m just using a pair of needle-nosed pliers to do the crimping. I’m wondering if I should invest in a crimping too.

Yes too crimping tool.
To crimp it into the correct shape.
And maybe an hair dryer.

Is there a specific crimping tool that you recommend, or would any cheap one get the job done?Also, how do I know I’ve made a good crimp?

I got mine at harbor freight.

Looks just like this.

Best crimper I have ever owned. I like it because it crimps vertically, so the entire connector is crimped right down the middle, instead of pinched at just one point. The unit is a wire cutter, with a crimper…no stripping properties at all.

sorry no english, but you see photo crimping tool and effect

It’s cool there is this other really useful tool called the “Search” function available for Free Ninety Nine on this website!

When I searched “Crimp tool” I found tons of threads illustrating techniques, what type, places to buy, and the reasons why you’d want one.