Crimson Viper fighting Ibuki (new SF 4 issue or new comic?)


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Is this from the upcoming SF4 issue?

If SF4:Dash is indeed a real game, I’m guessing that Ibuki will be one of the first choices to make it in the game.



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My guess is that is from the Japanese SF art book that Udon, Masahiko Nakahira and Masaomi Kanzaki worked on. Just a guess.

EDIT: LOL did you read the thread? Page 3. :looney:

*Here is some info on that art book, straight from UDON!

"Yup! We were asked to be a part of this project by Enterbrain (the guys who also to Famitsu and Arcadia magazines). We produced a 20 page story with artwork by Chamba(SF II Turbo comics), Long Vo(SSFIIT HD Remix lead artist), Joe Vriens(Darkstalkers), Omar Dogan (SFL Chun-li), and Joe Ng(SF IV comics). Oh also the story was written by yours truly! :slight_smile:

The anthology book was released in Japan a couple weeks ago. Translation rights sometimes take a bit to negotiate, but we’ll let you know on the UDON site (and probably here) when an English edition is coming."*


Whoops! My bad.:wgrin:

It looked like a SF4 issue to me but then I remembered reading about the exclusive SF4 comic.

And no, I didn’t read through the entire thread. Hence why I asked about the comic fight.

I did now though.:wgrin:


Hey it’s cool. If you didn’t know about it I’m sure someone else on this site didn’t either. It’s all good. :wgrin:


Good to know