Crimson viper umvc3 IAD help



I can do a few damaging c.viper combos but it seems as most of her best combos have an IAD after a seismo and I can’t pull it off midscreen… Is there a certain trick to it? Cuz I’d love to be able to ex seismo someone who isn’t expecting it and be able to start up a good combo… Any advice on IAD or comboing after ex-seismo in general?


It’s hard to land midscreen online for me as well, due to the lag, but sometimes I do manage to land it. You just have to hold up and IAD as fast as possible so the opponent won’t air recover out of it. In the corner it’s more lenient but midscreen there’s no corner to keep your opponent from flying too far back, so you’ve gotta be a lot faster with the IAD. Since I have no scene around me I play online a lot, and I’ve honestly only landed a midscreen seismo combo about 5 times out of the 100s of times I’ve attempted it, but offline I can do it no problem. Anyways, hope this helps.


I think your normal jumping after a seismo. Its alot better if you superjump cancel her serimos. Just press down up dash instead of just holding up.


So I have to super jump? Ok makes sense… I only play online in your opinion is it worth it to try online? Or should I look for other combos?


Yea its worth it. Its basic for vipers to superjump cancel in combos. Just practice it not hard once you have the muscle memory.


If you air dash as soon as possible you may end up too low to hit the opponent try to time your air dash so that you are completely horizontal to the opponent


Super Jump.

Also, I have a strangely difficult time connecting seismo->j.H>j.S online… so dumb


I keep hearing that it’s hard to connect online and I only play online… I have a pretty good combo that’s really situational if in corner I get 820,000 if not then I get 660,000 but I need a bar and a half… If you have a hard time
Landing seismo j.h j.s then what combo do u usually set up for? Like a bnb