Critic My Poison Match Video Thread



I would like to play against hornet online again. Last time I lost to his sakura.


here is my critique and its kind of a critique to most poisons I’ve watched / played against. You are very stiff with the character, dont be scared to be active. Her strong points are her fireballs and her close range game. When you are far away feel free to chuck them all u want but mix it up. Its nice that her light fireball goes full screen but if u toss in fp fireballs and mp fireballs into the mix if they try to jump over your fireball they will either be in range where you can aa or they’ll land on a fireball and you can slap them with a button for some more damage.

I went to next level yesterday and I did amazing because people had a hard time getting around my fireball game and the fact that I was always active on the screen. also cr mk fp fireball is a great trap
on block you get free pressure on hit you get free damage and if they focus they are eating the fireball if they jump aa for free with cs rh or cr fp. and if you are fighting a projectile based character make them understand that you have tools to stop that shit.

vs viper if she ever burn kicks ex flip kick that. I played a viper and he couldn’t burn kick because that move beats it 100% of the time.

This character is really fun and really scary in the right hands you just have to let go of that dry japanese style play and get loose with her.

fun fact (still testing) chun cant u1 you if you throw fp fireball so far its always traded for me.


So more movement and mix up my fireball strengths for AA’s. Ok I’ll give that a try.


That was nice! I would say I also play her too stiffly at the moment. What are her best pokes?


her cr mk is her best poke in neutral it leads to literally everything you need. cr mp is shockingly good to as a fast poke to catch people off guard, and her fireballs, I learned from watching daigo and valle that just chucking a fireball in footsie range can get you some good pressure.
sometimes i throw fp fireball and follow it a bit to push the enemy closer to the corner.


Thanks, I really appreciate the tips. Watching your match I notice that you dash in and out. I take it that is her best style of movement?


i do that because her walk speed is slow and if I want to get into a range fast thats my only way to do so


Here’s another match of me. I’m going to upload a bunch of ranked matches tomorrow.


I don’t know the timing for it. Everytime I try I can’t seem to get that hit. We should play a bunch of matches tomorrow. We can both use poison while fighting our other chars and some mirrors.

#30 I’m still pretty scrubby, but heres me against a Dhalsim.


Heres my match


Anyone notice at 0:37 Poison causes an armor break with a regular rekka? Wonder if this has to do with it being a reversal. Its hard to see Sakura even start a focus though, but what else could cause that armor break effect?


It was a reversal rekka. Just about any move that’s a reversal armor breaks. idk why that’s for all specials…


Arturo (Rose) played a “FT5” set against Wolfkrone (Poison) last night. You can find the twitch archive here. Starts at 01:18:00.

Disclaimer: They end it after only a few matches.


It looks like if you stay just out of rose’s range poison is ok.


Here are all my ranked matches from this morning.


I would rather see random match videos and tournament play in separate threads…


I could try to make a tournament video thread.


there is no point if a poison is bad they are going to be bad reguardless of the setting same with good players its all the same


Would it be best to change this to the matchvideo/critic thread? That way when a person posts a video he or she can get feed back on what that person should work on? It would seem more beneficial than just “match videos”. Then I can make a thread for high level play. * I think I will make one for high level play."

Updated to show your progress with Poison.