Critic My Poison Match Video Thread



But what if I just wanted to show off, like this?

Man, I love Ultra 2.


You can post whatever video you like pertaining to poison for gameplay. To show off or get help.


Dont know how to put a youtube thumbnail here, sorry =(

Hope you guys enjoy it =)


Something strange happened in a tournament match, ( WATCH YOUR VOLUME and YOUR EARS. Please turn volume down.)


That link just opens a blank white page.


Yo, that was pretty pro! Nice work.

Just posting the bare link (no BBCode tags) should result in an embedded player on these forums. If that doesn’t work, try posting the link under the video’s “Share” tab.


Against a good Gouken player I know IRL. He’s played Gouken from the beginning.

I’m think I’m understand the matchup now. It’s still a pain in the ass though.


My match of the day.
Check my channel daily for some poison videos =)
This is against an Evil Ryu.
Please critic and let me know how to improve!


He gave me hell the other day… I had to start abusing lmt against him.


This is probably the best match I had from my session last night (even though I lost).


Damnnnnn that ultra was random as fuck, he reacted to your whiffed jab :(. Should’ve kept whiffing normals.

Btw, after WoL, you go for a meaty fireball, and LMT after that. Is that a blockstring?


Lol yea I should have whiffed another jab before doing anything else. As for if that’s a blockstring or not, I’m not sure lol I haven’t tested it but no one ever reversals me out of it so I’ll keep using it.


It’s not a true string


mostly just testing the upload feature


I was on a roll until I ran outta gas, but here’s a couple of my best matches from today.



Seems like a hard match. I was too scared to anti-air as I thought he might outright beat whatever I tried.

The reason we both stop moving a couple of times (and taunt), is because we got that annoying message that sometime pops up (can’t remember what it says D: ).


Nice replays J!

Here are my matches of the day. Uploaded two because yesterday i had no time. Please, let me know what you think of my poison and how i can improve her!


Got 3rd in a 25man tournament recently with Poison

Vs German Luger @‌ 34min
Vs TroofGod @ 54min
Vs Giefkid @‌ 1hr36min
Vs Rex0r @‌ 1hr52min



Comeback from a pixel of health. Simple mixup with Heavy Aelous Edge

There is some more if you want to take a look. I am okay not great, but not meh either.