Critic My Poison Match Video Thread



Vs Dee jay

Vs Rolento (I can never seem to win this match.)

Vs Guy (How do I get away from and/or beat bunshin flip throw?)

Vs Abel (I feel like I would have had a better chance of winning had I AA’d his jumps)


For Guy’s Bushin Flip throw, just duck and I think you can use c.HP to AA it.


I’ll try that next time, at the end of the vid I even tried going under him to the other side and it still grabbed me.


Just do what I said, double checked in training and you will beat it for free just don’t do c.HP too late. As long as you crouch not even EX Bushin Flip can grab you. Elbow will come out late.


Viper’s beat mine twice in this match D:


What do I do vs Bison and his scissor kicks pressure? I read somewhere that was a good option after a block scissor because it either beat or trades with his or but that obviously isn’t the case as I tried that several times and the vid and got beat clean. I feel like he can just scissor all day and there is nothing I can do to stop him.


I’ve been cr. Mping after sc and it works well.


Is it after a certain version of scissors or what? If you look at my inputs in the video after I block a scissors kick you can see that I’m doing buffered into rekkas every time and I get stuffed.


I’ve been hitting Bisons with preemptive cr.MP and it stuffs scissor kicks clean. Just use it as your main footsie tool in that match-up and you can just confirm into rekkas off of it too.


I finaly got the Youtube upload thing to work.
It’s low quality because high quality doesn’t seem to work well, but anyway.


@BlacR3ap3r Seems like an artifact of playing online. He is mashing cr. LK, you are just tapping cr. MP once. Since you are timing it for when you exit your blockstun, you are timing it late and getting beat by cr. LK.

I’d say, try double-tapping or mashing cr. MP to just get some breathing room when you’re attempting to use it (i.e. don’t attempt canceling into anything for now). cr. MP is -2 on hit, so on CH that should be +1, putting you into counterpoke territory.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I suspect that if you block an LK scissors at the tip (only one hit) Bison may be positive.

Oh, yeah. Something I was doing last night- if you have the meter and they’re spamming scissors, go for red focus. Throws 'em for a loop.


My last match against a Guile player. Played really bad…



When Decapre has U2 charged up, your fierce fireball setup after rekkas is unsafe. She got you once with it, and then you did it in the third round like 3 times, and each time I was like why didn’t she ultra lol.


Good match vs Rose. Critics are welcome =)


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Good match vs Rose. Critics are welcome =)


Close range blockstrings ending in lp fb aren’t the best because you are -3. Using mp or hp are preferred because you are much more advantageous on block to continue an offense. You failed to punish her blocked u1. I would have ultra 1 right after. I would work on confirming crlp/crlk after overhead, you left some openings there.

I don’t know if you were in a feel out or what at the beginning but I didn’t feel you were committed to either zoning for meter or attacking and corner push. You were kinda doing both and it wasn’t helping. Good use of hp fb for meter and shield as it can’t be reflected from full screen.

i feel as if you didn’t set up the throw enough, once you get her to the corner or near the corner where she isn’t comfortable backdashing, after a knockdown from litteraly any of poisons knockdown options, a meaty throw beats all her options. ex spiral? gets thrown. her only option is a tech, but if you condition her to block because of fireball and lmt pressure, that throw is abusable.

Good comeback but ultimately you were lucky. The Rose shouldn’t have pressed a button at the 1 second mark and should of finished you off at the end.

Sorry if you feel some type of way I’m just being extremely critical.


That would not have worked. It got blocked at tip range, not even EX WoL would have reached. U1’s projectile moves very slow, and would not have reached in time…

I would say, remember that you can HK KBG through Soul Spiral in blockstrings, if you predict their cr. MP or whatever. Other than that everything’s been said.


you are correct, u1 just is a tad slow to catch her recovery, but ex rekka does catch her on the second rekka, and you just continue into the 3rd and 4th hit. ex fb also works at that range, nothing else.


Nice critics guys, absolutely agree with most of them. Thank you very much!


@tali and drake you guys think you can throw some of that criticism my way?

vs Sagat

vs Hugo

vs Yun (felt like throwing fireballs here was pointless since he just palmed/focus absorbed, or ex shouldered through them most of the time)