Critic My Poison Match Video Thread




Your mistake here was not getting enough of a life lead before retreating.

Realistically speaking you are not going to win a fireball war with Sagat, at least not without a good amount of advantage or some EX.
So, either you make it a goal to stay in close for the entire fight, or you get a 1/3-1/2 life lead and then back off and start dodging Tiger Shots (easier said than done).

You were doing pretty good when you got in, but you kept leaving.

Use more HP AE instead of MP or EX, especially at midrange. You want to use HP a lot, as he’ll be jumping, and ideally you want him to fall onto an HP AE. (Of course, watch your spacing and your timing, as you don’t want him to jump in on you on startup.)

When you do this (preemptive anti-air HP AE) remember to buffer in an LP/MP Whip of Love attempt. If you find that WoL is missing, it’s 'cause you’re doing it too early; but that’s OK, you can use HK LMT with the same timing. Remember to mash on kick for the attack throw. (You might want to just back off and throw a meaty AE instead of going for a setup afterwards.)

EX Lariat has infinite armor until he gets close. It’s also unsafe, at -6 on block- watch his meter and just be wary.

Really mash on that backdash when you can when he gets close- or whatever you have to do. Unless you have the advantage you do not want to be anywhere near Hugo for more than a couple of seconds. (I might suggest against using LMT in blockstrings against Hugo because of this reason.)
Trying to fight back at close range let him jump all over you in Round 2.

If he palms or focus absorbs, that’s OK. Mix up your timing and you’ll hit him. If you feel like you’re not making progress, but he’s staying back, that’s OK. It’s OK to run down the clock; test his patience, keep your cool, and just keep mixing it up. (IIRC he’ll need to be at least midscreen to get something like U2 to work, since Poison’s recovery is too good.)

If he’s using shoulder to dodge, you just need to bait him out. It doesn’t reach fullscreen, so you can throw AE wantonly there; once you get into range, though, watch his meter and start doing squats and other fakes.
MP and EX shoulder are at the least cr. LK xx LP WoL punishable on block (-6 to be precise).

Shoulder doesn’t armor break, and Focus Attack has a similar animation to AE, so if you think they’ll fall for it, you can start peppering that in along with your fakes too.

Try to learn delayed crouch tech. Stand tech is a bit too vulnerable. Against divekick characters, you can try to use three button tech (down-back+LP+LK+HP) but I haven’t personally been able to apply this technique yet.

Try not to panic U1 at the end of matches. You can still survive with a pixel; don’t throw it away. Unless you have a really good read, just sit, wait, and keep those eyes open.

I’d say you are a good player. You should work on your composure and really think about how to “play lame” as much as possible.


Any knowledge for this Fuerte match would be helpful, never played against one that actual knew stuff with the character.


Learn which moves of his hit high. You were eating a lot of overheads.


Throw out more HP AE. You didn’t throw at least one and he punished every AE except 1. Just be weary of EX Qbomb since it goes mad far and more projectile invincibility.

You didn’t really do much to fend him off once you did get up. You kinda just walked in a corner and let him do whatever. His vortex is silly (and I really hate the character as a whole for it.) but i’d suggest hitting up training mode to see what Poison can do against his vortex options. If it’s splash, that’s a free focus IIRC. For the grab, you could possibly low profile with cr.MK. I’d also try forward dash on both options. (or possibly backdash as she has a great one.) At least if the splash comes and you backdash, you can quick rise.

The match probably isn’t that great just because she has to respect elf’s silly run stop nonsene along with her vortex. I’ll actually try to goof around with this matchup when I get home.

EDIT: Just running throw some oki options, your overall best bets are probably backflip and Focus. Backflip gets you out of both body splash and his throw setup (and his f+MK overhead kick but he can just chase you down after this so be weary.) Surprisingly enough HK DP was beating out splash everytime even if it crossed up (autocorrected) but this is risky since he can mix it up/bait out reversals.

So yea. Backflip and focus are probably your best 2 options on wakeup against Elf.

I'm hotter than you!: Poison Match-up thread * Open for Discussion* (Updated: 8/28/2014)

I have finally got the Youtube upload feature to work and I have uploaded two recent matches versus a Fei Long player. I would like to get any feedback from you guys. Seeing it myself i just realized i pushed myself to the corner too much plus a lot of unnecessary neutral jumping.


Your main gameplan is flawed, in my opinion against a lot of characters your gameplan should be to control space with fireballs while slowly getting them into the corner. Then once they are in the corner you try to keep them there and pressure them to death. You seem to be doing the complete opposite. Right from the get go you give up ground by back dashing and for some odd reason after every fireball you throw you’re almost always back dashing. As a result you end up in the corner really fast, which is the last place you want to be against fei. You usually fight your way out and even corner him instead sometimes, but then give up pressure again by doing the weird fireball backdash thing. A good example of this would be around 1:57 in the first video. You finally have him cornered and instead of trying to keep him there you let him out for free.

What you should do is try to control space with fireballs and either stand your ground or slowly try to gain ground until you have them cornered. Judging from the way you throw your fireballs, it seems you don’t really know the purpose of each fireball yet and the ranges you can throw them at. So I’d advice you to just go to training mode and try to figure out what the best ranges are to throw your fireballs.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that you sometimes go for the wrong combos and have trouble hitconfirming. For example in the first video you got in 3 jabs a few times and went for, which doesn’t combo at all, when you should have gone for or Then in the second match you landed an overhead and decided to go for throw when you could have confirmed into a combo. Then there were times where you dropped your punish combo, or went for suboptimal ones. Best example of the latter would be the end of your 2nd video, you landed a focus and instead of going for raw ultra 2, which probably would’ve done the most damage, you went for into ex rekkas ultra 1. This brings me to my next point, your choice of ultra.

In my opinion ultra combo double isn’t way to go with her, you should either pick ultra 1 to have a good utility ultra that does decent damage, or go for ultra 2 if you want a two-frame ultra that can punish certain moves really hard. Picking ultra combo double basically takes away both their uses, ultra 1 does shit damage now, and the damage of ultra 2 is basically reduced to ultra 1 so it isn’t as scary as it was before.

Lastly there’s a lack of match up knowledge, for example one time you wanted to punish his hk chickenwing with reversal ultra 2, this would’ve never worked because the move is 0 on block. Then there were times where you couldve whiff punished him or you were throwing out the wrong normals.

So in short:

  • work on your main gameplan, try to figure out at the start of each match what the best approach should be
  • practice hitconfirming and your execution
  • improve your match up knowledge


One thing I saw was that you were using hp AE at mid range or close range. If someone has a 4 or 5 frame crouching normal they can hit her out of it and or focus through it.


I was using it to kinda counter his chicken wing because it did happen in later matches where i would get hit by chicken wing but the HP AE would still hit him, but you are absolutely right.


Try playing against the hardest AI fei long. It will help with spacing your fireballs against him. He’ll either jump in at that range or focus. Then you can develop punishes from there.

Definitely one of my better matches…


Me vs Sim
Second round is the joy.
>This is my LMT, There are many like it, but this one is mine

Me vs High Rank Hugo
>I was scared (delay)
>I didn’t finish my confirms
>AA spacing needs work against Hugo (His size throws me off)
>I was able to maintain life lead at times
>I learned cmk is good at the last second
>I learned I need to go to training mode and figure out how all her jump AAs work since none of them are really meant for Cross Ups…
>This Hugo freakin’ linked the off the wall stHP on me or w/e that move is = LEGIT lel
Edit: PC Version doesn’t record sound? Daafuk.


I think your biggest problems are:

  1. Once you get to your ideal range (around, you tend to backdash so you can continue fireballing. This is fine to do when you have a good life lead or are trying to bait a desperate chicken wing, but you just seem completely uncomfortable at this range.

  2. When you’re under pressure, you are missing opportunities for damage. The first round in the second video is a good example - you block rekkas and normals, but when you have a window you typically either throw out a light attack (which you sometimes chain until it whiffs, discarding your advantage), or empty jump - it’s like you just need to reset the situation so you can clear your head. Try to get used to using xx lp WoL when you are at +1 or +2 to try to catch aggression, or using xx AE to ‘reset the situation’ a bit when you expect continued aggression.

(not directed at you specifically) It’s easy to get into the habit of ‘i want to do this mixup’ -> try to get in a situation where you can do it. It’s a lot harder to be consistently aware of what your options are when your opponent is able to play his game the way he wants to.


I’m not necessarily looking for critique. But here’s some FT10’S so money was involved. Pretty much got call out by these 2 guys locally.

Here’s a long set with one of the best Yuns players I know we only did this set cause we’re testing matchup stuff.

Couldnt get my sets with DLegend, Hornett and ETC recorded.


Is that a custom color you have? It looks sick!


I’ve been playing on the 360 for a while, but you can rarely, if ever, upload replays to YouTube on that anymore, so I recently bought the Ultra upgrade for Steam and now I can upload pretty much all the replays I want. So I’ve got two videos to post for now, since I just started playing again last night. The first one’s kinda…yeah. I think the Ibuki I was playing was just having a bad day. But the second one’s pretty cool. I know I still need a lot of work. One of my biggest goals for improving my gameplay is to REMEMBER TO FOCUS BACKDASH WHEN PEOPLE DO JUMP-INS. 'Cuz I never do. Just umm…don’t exploit that weakness if you should meet me in a match. Or do. It’d be a good way to remind me to start doing it.
My first double perfect in a ranked match.
Critical hit to the nads.


Okay, I’mma just bump this with two first to three sets I uploaded and edited together recently.

Poison VS Dudley
This Dudley was pretty good and knew his combos. I lost, but it was still a fun set.

Poison VS Cody
"Ready to start fightin’ for real?"
“Pay attention, worm!” - Best part.


I played a set against Valle

I watch the game a fair amount, but didn’t start playing SF4 until I picked up a copy of Ultra two weeks prior to this set, and didn’t have many combos practiced but a bit of matchup knowledge against Hugo thanks to online. I’ve watched this video a couple of times there’s stuff I’m sure I missing.

What I’ve figured out on my own:
-Converting hits into damage (combos, basically)
-He read that I was throwing fireball at the start of every round. I didn’t catch onto this for a while.
-I exclusively used EX DP.
-I didn’t backdash enough. Her backdash
-When I jumped, it was mostly negative.
-This matchup should be around 7:3 to Poison.
-I should get to the point where I can actually combo off of the first hit of LMT instead of mashing the followup, as well as the overhead.
-Not enough fireballs after blocked normals. Bad fireball autopilot in general.

So obviously, I need to improve every facet of playing Poison as well as learn the game. Are you guys noticing any other tendencies? Any matchup-specific advice other than zone better? Does this set just make you want to vomit? All feedback is appreciated. I will be going to WNF weekly and I want to do this character justice.

EDIT: Fixed link for video.


Took me all night to upload this five match first to three. It was glorious.


[quote=“Rhinehart, post:98, topic:169202”]

Took me all night to upload this five match first to three. It was glorious.


From what I saw.

-Its best to use her heel flip from mid range just because it could catch sweep attempts and grant you about 200 damage for the punish. If you use it from far away chun li can punish with a reaction cr.hp on your recovery or if she is in range for her she can combo into ultra 2.

  • If you see that your rekka’s are blocked just stop from the first one. At least if your opponents reaction is a bit slow, it gives you a chance to back dash away. Remember that the third part of her rekka sequence can be reversaled. If the chun knew she could do that then she could have ex spinning bird quite a few times.

-For fire balls try using her mid fireball a bit more. That way you have a big advantage in the fireball war, while using her hp fireball as a combo starter, block string starter, or just using it as an extention of poisons body.

-The last thing is if that the only time you may need ultra 2 is probably in a gief match up to punish green hand, or possibly balrog for punishing turn punches on block.


Yeah, heel flip’s good for breaking peoples’ focus, too. And I’ve used it to tcatch tatsus. And whiffed shoryus as they fall.

I also know the 4th recca’s punishable before it even comes out, but on opponents who don’t know that, I’ll lead up to an ultra 2. I could probably do with a safter blockstring than that for more experienced players, though.

I don’t really use medium fireballs that much. Usually just light or fierce. But I have managed to have my fierce fireball collide with another player’s fireball, then immediately ultra 1 and that was awesome, but it’s only happened once.

Yeah, I started using ultra 2 because I wasn’t really liking the damage I was getting from the EX recca to ultra 1. Most of the time, I still use ultra 1, though. 2’s highly situational.

But on a side note, I relocated my videos to a new channel on YouTube, so here they are again.