Critic My Poison Match Video Thread



couple of my ranked matches were randomly uploaded, guess ill post them, im not to proud of these matches tbh.
at 17:37 (vs elena)

at 19:48 (vs e.ryu)


My latest match (I always fuck up the first round :()

Some notes from me (what I can improve):

  • some bad ranges to throw a fireball (he could easily jump in for a full punish)
  • I should anti air more
  • bad guess for U1 in the first round (I expected to catch a backdash)
  • I should stop throwing fireballs on his wakeup if he has ultra (even though I got away with it)
  • sometimes I don’t react fast enough and stop at the first rekka motion (I’m so used to it because the second and third hit are very unsafe on block)


-You actually didn’t throw enough fireballs. You should try to fill the screen with medium and fierce fireballs so fei can accidentally jump on them.
-Anti air U1 is best if the opponent is jumping half screen at you or neutral jumping you.

  • Use fierce fireball on his wake up and see what he’ll do. If he dp’s punish it the max extent.
    -You can throw a fireball on his wake up. Just time it correctly so you can block and punish with your own move.
    -Go into training mode and practice your combos. Also remember if you have meter and you manage to get to the second rekka on block just FADC back.


I’ve recently learned a really good way to use Poison Kiss. This particular replay was of a really laggy match, so you can kinda disregard everything except the part at 1:15.


Let me know what you guys think I could try to do better :smiley:


I watched the first 2 matches. I don’t approach the match up by fighting in the mid and close range. I zone chun out and let her kill herself. By zoning her from mid to long range she doesn’t have anything on poison. She has to charge her fireballs and as long as we have a hp or mp fireball out it negates her fireball while we gain meter faster. He’ll you can have a hp fireball out for her ex fireball to run into and recover in time to throw out a lp to negate the second part or throw out an ex to catch them off guard and discourage them. Her jump ins are floaty and easy to cr.hp or or St. Hk. I would work her down 60% of her life before I would go in for the kill. Rushing her right away is giving her more opportunities to win. Why interrupt your opponent before they make a mistake?


Finally feeling more satisfied with my Poison. Had a rough few days lately, but now I’m brimming with confidence again.


ive been playing on psn for the last couple days which i havent played on since a couple days after ultra released. I been on xbox since the competition is much better, connections feel better, much more players, etc. I noticed that the #1 ranked poison on psn only has 13k bp and there aren’t even 10 people with 10k or more, i thought of shooting for 15k bp and the #1 spot before jumping back over to XBL where im #5 with 14.3k BP

anywho since i CAN upload from my ps3, while im on there im going to try and post matches that show some helpfull stuff in action.

here is zoning 101 for you.

sucks tho at 1:35 i forced an unsafe jump, and went for an Anti Air MK DP to finish it out and had a lag spike which shows my input as only mk :frowning: which then i get pressured into the corner until i could retreat and go back to zoning, where more spikes make me eat full screen fireballs before the ko. almost had a full 2 round sweep of pure fireball zoning.


don’t mind the DP mashing, he started it and i wanted to drill it back into him XD, but when you see the safe jump + OS you will know :wink:


This is my latest match vs gootecks (most likely Mike Ross cos I got T.Hawk). What could I have done better?

EDIT: Sorry about the quality.


Ex dp as aa.

Your air to air was good tho.

If u get out of the corner don’t give up space easily. Let him work for it again.

Over all I like the lameness. I think this is how the match should be played.

Also thawk sweep is not safe on block.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this lol. Some games get so stupid and you’re just throwing out dps at each other. Nice OS.


so a friend asked me to play a long set with his sakura to learn the mu. i accepted even though its been over a month since i last played. he streamed it too so there’s an archive.

i just read a bit of the japanese poison guide, was able to read a couple of setups and safejumps and it helped out a lot. even though i was really rusty in the beginning ( you could see me do a forward jump when I wanted a neutral jump for a safe jump option lol), I was able to get my groove going and abuse the cheap stuff.

that ex tender setup i kept doing is probably a crouch unblockable sometimes. i don’t even think sakura has any options, she just has to take the mixup.

if i could pick out a couple things like certain setups and safe jumps, i wonder what else the japanese might’ve discovered about her?


Here is a match I had yesterday

Just posting it because I did a godlike combo in round 2


Another match with a C.Viper. What can I do better?


First of all you Jump entirely too much. Especially doing that against Viper is a big problem because she has too many option to fuck you over for doing that and you’re not using fireballs enough. You’re completely ignoring Poisons’ main tool, Yes you can use fireballs against Viper just place them well and I guarantee you everytime she did burnkick you would have hit her out of them.


I wasn’t throwing fireballs as I figured I’d get seismo’d. If I got seismo’d, my luck would have been that she sjc’d it and then I would have fell into the hell that is C.Viper.

Messing with it in training, she can straight up flip over the fireball at certain spacings with burn kick (it was a pain to do this however. also matters which str of the fireball you’re using). However, said player would have to know the spacing, know that a fireball was coming, the strength of said fireball (seems easier to get over light (still a pain) and sometimes medium, heavy was a no go) and where the fireball was on the screen. I had better luck with mp fireball and hp fireball. I also found that at a certain spacing that you can dash under her hk burn kick, though that’s pretty risky (and could turn out dumb). A well placed fireball pops her right in the vagina every time. Far standing medium punch also seemed to work good as well.

Still trying to find out how to deal with Seismo although it seems better to just block it unless you read it and you’re close enough to do something about it. Yet another match-up I know nothing about. Time to see how one of the japanese deal with it.


You can throw Fireballs and NOT get Seismo’d. HP Fireball has the best recovery for that also, you know Poisons’ focus animation and the start up animation to her fireball is the same. Trust me, If you play her right you can make the fireballs work for you in advantageous situation.


Any input on the match would be helpful:


In General

[] You have an understanding of how to apply pressure
] Your defense while grounded was pretty good (throw techs, frame traps)
[*] reckless jumping and LMT was at a minimal

[] You were not optimizing your damage output (1)
] You were trying to utilize sweep which is a bad button (2)
[] Your anti air’s were almost non existent (3)
] You were rushing to hard (4)
[] You were not effectively using the overhead (5)
] You were pressuring, but not directing that pressure anywhere (6)
[*] You didn’t zone at all (7)

[*] [left]When you had optimal punish opportunities (blocked/whiffed Dp’s right infront of you) you would do a medium level normal into rekkas. You had the opportunity to raw point blank ultra those DP’s which would net you far more damage then any combo. And when you didn’t have ultra or the ultra was only half full, you want to use Cl.Hk xx rekkas because it does more damage while being just as easy. Or even cr.hp xx rekkas in situations you feel you can’t get close enough right away for close hk, and only 10 less damage. You can also do > cr.hp xx rekkas for even more damage but its inconsistent at times because the doesn’t get both hits and could waste your punish opportunity. After focus or stun I like to do point blank hp fireball > cr.hp xx rekkas as a substitute for because it wont have any whiffing issues, is an easier link and does more damage then xx rekkas. This should be an easy improvement[/left]

[*]I noticed on 2 or 3 occasions you tried using her sweep in frame traps or footsies. Her sweep is one of if not THE worst in the game. It is very slow, it starts up in 9 frames. It has very little damage and stun out put, only offering 90 damage and 100 stun on hit. On block it is punishable by almost everything, at -15, and if it were to whiff, it has over 30 recovery frames, so it is very easy to whiff punish. The frame trap you were trying to use was bad as well. You were doing (+1) > sweep (-15). That +1 only makes a 9 frame sweep now an 8 frame sweep. With ryu having a 3 frame jab, a 4 frame, a 4 frame, a 5 frame, a 5 frame sweep, literally like any button he pressed would of counter hit you in your own frame trap. While not pressing a button meant blocking the sweep and being able to punish you with any button press. The only set up you get from a sweep on hit is an instant forward jump lk or hk, which is a 4F or slower safe jump. Ryu has a 3 frame reversal that blows up that safe jump. So there isn’t any reason to use that button in almost any match up. To sum it up, very high risk for very little reward

[*]You weren’t anti airing at all. If you can manipulate Ryu to jump, just get under him and Cr.HP him, buffer that into a hp fireball and it forces him to block and take chip when he lands and gives you +7F advantage to pressure or create space. If he tries to DP through it as he lands, you can block it and punish. Now if someone jump’s at you in the neutral and you block it, you failed that exchange. That is the mentality you should have about blocking a jump in during the neutral game. Don’t think of getting hit by the jump in as a failure and blocking it as a success. Blocking the jump in means you are going to allow him in while pressuring you with frame traps, throws and chip damage. You should try and contest every jump in rather then blocking it during neutral, especially against someone without multiple ways to alter their jump arc like a dive kicker. Also, there was one point in the match where you did a xx hp fireball on block. Ryu blocked the and jumped in on you during the cancel into hp fireball. Obviously because xx hp fireball is not a real block string, and has such a big gap that he can jump or do something, he was able to jump in on you, but because of the distance of your and the recovery of HP fireball, ryu’s jump in attack was not a quick enough punish in between, so you blocked. That’s a no no!, that was the perfect opportunity to MK/EX DP him. You can see he is jumping already, you can see that you are finishing up an animation of a special, you don’t know if you are vulnerable or not, so why block? if you are vulnerable, and he hits you, holding block wouldn’t have done anything. If you were trying to DP and you were vulnerable, you still get hit, so what is the difference then holding block there? Well in your situation, since you were able to block, you **could **have DP’ed, and that is going to beat his jump in. Same thing if you are using a Hp Fireball in close range and he jumps, don’t hold block, do an anti air. If you can judge that a cr.hp will anti air him then do that, but if you think that’s slow and going to get stuffed/trade then do a mk/ex dp, because if his jump in was timed perfectly to hit you, blocking isn’t going to help you, but if it is not timed perfectly, then contest it. He can’t block in the air

[*]I covered this below in the match up info. There isn’t a reason to be rushing so hard, especially in a match up that you can win with zoning alone. The clock is poison’s friend, and she builds meter faster then anyone other then rose in the fireball war. Why waste the time you could be using chipping away in a fireball war, which you win and build more meter in, trying to rush in head first at someone that wants to be in your face?

[*] When you went to the overhead, it landed every time. The problem though is you didn’t combo from it. When it landed you tried to throw, and it was teched every time. The overhead is always punishable on block, so don’t think that trying to do a throw will help you on both ends if it hits or is blocked. It is always punishable, so have the mentality that if it is blocked and unpunished that you got lucky, because you should expect and accept the punish, so don’t rely on luck of it not being punished. On hit there is no reason to try and throw because throw isn’t going to combo. Go and link it into cr.lp into xx rekkas or cr.lp into xx rekkas for an easier link. If you are confident that you are going to link off the overhead hit you can also just go straight into cr.lp xx rekkas so you don’t have to worry about hitting 2 links and the chance that the or doesn’t reach.

[*]When you were frame trapping and pressuring the opponent in the corner, you were chipping away and using relentless fireballs. This isn’t necessarily bad but you also can direct your pressure a little better so that you can optimize your damage out put. Try incorporating pressure that branches out into directions based on your opponents actions. For example, If you are pressuring for a counter hit, then landing the counter hit should lead into a counter hit combo. For example, lets say you do a pressure string like this, Cr.lp, Cr.Hp xx MP Fireball. Cr.lp on block is +2, so immediately doing a Cr.Hp (6F start up), creates a 4F frame trap. This is a good sized gap to catch an opponent trying to press buttons between your pressure string. To make this more effective, you can tick throw after the jab to put into the opponent’s mind that after the jab, they might get thrown, so to stop that they will have to press buttons. Now lets say they press a button and the Cr.Hp counter hit’s them, the follow up MP Fireball will combo, and if you do this in the corner where its most effective because of there being very little push back with all the blocking, you can then combo off the MP Fireball into a Cr.lp that can lead back into Rekkas for a knockdown. Let’s say that the Cr.Hp is blocked, now canceling it into MP Fireball only has a 1 frame gap, its not a true block string, but because there is only a 1 frame gap, unless they do an invincible reversal (which was a threat at any point during this pressure string) you will beat out any button press they do. So if they do press something between the Cr.Hp cancel into MP Fireball, and you get a counter hit, the follow up links become much easier. If they don’t press a button and just block, on block you are 0, so equal grounds, and with a 3 frame jab to follow up, you are in a very good position. That was just one example, there are plenty more

[*]This is tied into the anti airing point and in the match up points below so it is pretty much covered. I guess ill link a video at the end of a match I posted here of my Poison VS a Ryu which demonstrates how effective the zoning can be. It is a big part of Poison’s game which shouldn’t be ignored

Match up wise
Against Ryu, there isn’t a reason to rush him down to the degree you were doing. There is plenty of time on the clock each round to calculate your approach. First off, we can hold our own in the fireball exchange, there isn’t a reason to be rushing towards Ryu at the start of every round. Not only do we hold our own with fireballs, but we build meter much faster. Since we gain meter faster, if the whole round is spent in a full screen fireball war, we should be content because we will be able to throw more fireballs, get more meter to throw EX fireballs through his regular fireballs to hit him and gain a life lead. We have better recovery on our fireballs, with this you can do things like chip 1 layer off an EX Fireball he throws with one of our fireballs, and have enough time to neutral jump or focus through the second layer. You can even get cheeky and after you throw out a MP or HP Fireball that his EX Fireball collides with, we recover in time to throw out an EX Fireball of our own that will go through the last layer of his EX Fireball, and usually catch him off guard. If he wasn’t paying attention and tried to advance forward behind his EX Fireball or throw out another regular Fireball, he will get hit, so he is forced to block and take chip. Ryu can’t Tatsu through our Fireballs either. So taking your time and zoning the first round to chip away at him and build meter is best. If he tries to come rushing at you, its usually predictable so you just have to get ready to anti air his jump in’s, and if he lands on a fireball jumping in, juggle that with Cr.HP xx HP Fireball. He loses about 200 health, is forced to block on landing, we get the pressure, and we gained good meter. You can use that second hp fireball that you canceled from the Cr.HP to either back dash for space and Fireball more, or go in and start pressuring after your Fireballs and anti airs have weakened him and given you a life lead.