Critic My Poison Match Video Thread



Thanks for the input Tali, normally I actually zone more and let them come to me but my pressure game was kinda lacking so recently have been not zoning on purpose and practicising pressure. Lol it hurts to say am not anti airing as that is one of my favourite things to do, but a mix of bad online and poison anti air normals discourage me from doing them much, although yea when I crmk HP fireball and they jump I should react with a DP alot more. Also yea I tend to throw alot when at times I should go for the combo with the overhead, and also doing proper punishes when their DP or other moves wiff. Again thanks for the input and tips on getting my poison better :slight_smile:


ft5 against white gun ibuki. congrats to white gun on top 8 at canada cup this weekend.

Some notes i made by reviewing the match now its been uploaded. I dropped my bnb far to much, kept chaining the rather then getting it to link. CL.MK xx EX LMT i need to stop doing out of the corner against ibuki as it whiffs her midscreen as well as cr.lp, cl.hp i was trying to do kept getting far hp on her.


Another vid I upload, again any input on the match would be cool.

Any feedback for me on this one? I really wish KBG was unthrowable :frowning:


KBG has never been a good move. :slight_smile:


biggest thing I noticed is that your decision making wasn’t optimal to the least bit. First round you land an ex fireball against akuma when he’s cornered but try to go for To follow up and that doesn’t combo in that situation so you gave up your pressure, had you done xx lp rekka it would have comboed. Another thing was when you had the crumple at the end of round 1 you went for the worst possible punish which was a close hk into dp. It didn’t kill and it doesn’t lead to any follow up pressure. So you did an unsafe dp after that got ultrad. You should have just did ultra after the focus crumple and finished the round. Another thing is your meter management. You had 4 bars to start round two and immediately you throw away 2 bars on 2 full screen ex fireballs and then a little later you do a fireball fadc that leaves you meterless. You were lucky to avoid a bad demon flip after to punish it but then you go for a very bad set up after the knockdown. You did dash up over head hop over. This isn’t necessarily a bad set up but the situation you did it in did not call for that. You put your self in the corner against a full meter akuma and you had no meter. You also had him at half life and you had full life so expect something risky at that point which you did not and that’s why he did a dp on you and put you right into the corner, and his walk up throw pressure and frame traps kept you there for long. You battled out the corner but then wasted all 3 bars you had on a red focus when he had less then 10% life. After that Justin had the complete download to finish the fight. He zoned you till he got an opening and then took that opening to knock you down and run set ups on you that put you in the corner, got the stun and KO

Tldr: you need to do optimal punishes and manage your meter better. You gave away 1 round and then you needed to spend 7 bars in one round just to take it to then lose the last round with no meter


It’s more a video for Cody players, but for you Poison players who need a shred more of Cody match-up knowledge.