Critical Arts trouble

Hello, I’m having a real hard time with doing critical arts, not only from a cancel or a hit before that but simply getting them to consistently come out, this may sound strange but I cannot make them come out consistently, I get like 2/10 times I try, and that’s just me standing there in training mode and failing to do them. Now, I can do them all night long if I do the motion qcfx2 +p (or kick) slowly, as in they come out 100% of the time if I do the motions slowly but that doesn’t sound like its right to me because of 2 reasons:

  1. Doesn’t feel fluid, like a super shouldn’t feel like it’s paused, every other SF game and well actually any other fighting game that has supers are done fast, not slow.
  2. In a real match, or canceling a combo into a CA how the hell would it come out if I can only pull them off by doing the critical art slow?
    So I guess I’m asking you guys how do you guys perform your critical arts? Do you guys also have to input the motion slow? Is it only me? And does it seem that in this SF V there’s less super shortcuts than other SF’s as in you have to do the motion exact for it to come out? Any input is appreciated!

If you’re a pad player, my advice is that you should always start the CA with little motion as possible. So your thumb must be slightly resting on the ↓ and → buttons at the same time.

Say you want to dp, all you have to do is just lean your thumb gently into → and swiftly “roll” your thumb on the ↓ and right into →, without letting ↓ go til the very last moment of the motion.

So if you to cancel a DP into a CA, you should do it as I said, land your dp and upon confirm apply the same principle; swiftly “roll” your thumb on the ↓ and right into →, without letting ↓ go til the very last moment of the motion.\

DP motion and Hadouken motion are virtually the same on the pad, the only difference you have to slightly lean your thumb forward if you want to DP.

As far the stick goes, can’t really help you with that, because I suck major balls at the stick.

Hope I proved myself useful! :slight_smile:

Thanks man will give this a shot.

these might help

pretty much you have to pull off the QCF x 2 motion as soon as you hit confirm (first hit), you can buffer the motion but only press the punch upon confirmed hit, that’s easy said than done though since everything happens in only a few frames. imo this is something you’ll just have to keep training to get it right, do it a couple hundred times in training mode and you’ll get it down.

I play pad and till this day i still have trouble with QCF x 2 when i accidently pushed Back or Down Back in the motion, i train myself to always place my thumb on the right half portion of the d-pad only when doing this motion.

you dont need to do it twice if its the same motion as the move your canceling from. qcf-LK qcf-any punch quickly will get super, you dont need to do qcf-LK QCF x2 punch if its the same motion. As illustrated in the videos above.

Thsnks guys, yea I’ve managed to buffer the critical arts and been landing them consistently, the only question is this is considered a shortcut right? I mean is this good practice or should I eventually practice without shortcuts? I read someone here on this forum that we shouldn’t really do short cuts.

I guess technically it’s a shortcut, but everyone does it. I don’t know of any games these days that don’t utilize buffering. It would be very difficult in many games to not use this buffering.

Street Fighter V does not have the double qcf shortcut that SFIV had. This means that you cannot end the motion on a :df: and instead, you need to have clean :qcf: 's. The reason for this is to allow differentiation between :dp: and double :qcf: motions, since they can overlap.

SFV has a different shortcut though, you can ignore the down forward/backward motion, test it with a pad (PS4 default pad) and try tapping just down front down front punch, it’ll work.