Critical Counters in KoF XII feel a little "random"?

What I mean by that is, it seems difficult to really plan out when to do one. It just seems to kinda happen. I know you shouldn’t just be mashing it out, but is there a good way to really try to get one in? It could just be my unfamiliarity with the system obv.

They’re hardly random. Entirely easy to avoid and it’s easy to bait things just so you can land one. Saying CCs are random is like saying an umeshoryu is random.

Since you have to counter your opponent it just sorta has to happen… it’s not like a DM where you can hit confirm/combo into it.

You setup like you setup counter hits in other games, fish for it from the right ranges where you are likely to beat something… or setup off a throw mixup. Such as the basic, cr.lp, throw, then when they think your going to throw you do, cr.lp, cc attack they try and counter your throw you end up countering them, bam cc. there are other ways but this is a basic example.

Nice example.

To answer the OP, they can be random if you dont know what your doing just like any other mechanic in any fighting game.

You can bait it though. Ive been trying by using emergency evasion next to my opponent. I also try running towards my opponent countering any attacks, most players dont know you can do it out of a run.

I just whiff them, or bait them to get a free CC.
Like knocking them down, then running at them. Jab em once, pause fo like .50 of a second then Counter hit that CC.

:tup: works alot for some reason

If you’re enemy is a parry whore (Critical guard), whiff a jump in, wait for the barrier thing to fade then CC. Boom another CC.

Another trick I do is random mixups.
Like j.hp > c.lp then j.hp > pause > then CC

Hope I helped. The trick is to bait them for a counter hit.

practice much like anything else will make it seem less random.

You cannot practice CC’s. You can only practice the combo’s, but you can only get these CC’s down by experience. :wonder: Imo.

Does the CC attempt (the “flaming stand C”) have any special properties? Is it higher in priority, or have startup invincibility, or anything? If you think an attack is coming, will the CC attempt beat anything they try? Or can they jab you out of it with a fast move, etc?

They have higher priority on jabs, they will beat out clean. If the CC startup attack hits at the same time as another heavy attack regardless if its a CC/normal at the same time it will deadlock. I dont think they have priority over other heavy attacks and its depends mainly on your timing.

I’ve noticed that in most of my matches that I’ve played, I seldom use the CC… I only use it when I’m confident about using it… Usually in the corner if I’m doing pressure game.

But damn people just spam this thing, its like every time they have a meter, all they do is just jump and try to cc you everytime… its so bad how people play lol.

Random?! Are you kidding?! Every match I’ve had so far if we get CC, we stop moving and mash the button for it xD. (OMG CLARKS IS PIMP DUDE HAS CRAZY RANGGEEEE)

They’re meant to be epic though from what I see, like you’re poking back and forth and then suddenly BAM; it’s pretty nice when you don’t expect one and it happens.

I’ve been seeing alot of nubs start the CC, stop, do their super and waste the whole thing, rofl…try the super near the end kiddies, does way more damage.

Also, the easiest way I’ve found to start your CC, is to knock em down, run up on em and just hit the button on their wake, since alot of people try to attack from wake, you’ll get it almost everytime.

Totally new to KoF. How do you CC exactly? The manual is very non-specific.

You get a CH with s.C with meter full. That’s it. Easy and guaranteed.


that’s practice just under a different name.

Depends how you practice it.

^ Flawless Victory

I love cc… If i could get a decent online match it’s the perfect answer to jab spammers

I find it a good option for players dependent on jab pokes like terrys 2b, 2b, 2b, s.b, 6a… you can activate anytime…

or any of the 9000 combos kyo does for 3d knockdown…

Now that’s experience…
If you’re planning to CC a jab spammer just make sure you don’t get hit by any jabs or your gonna get Jab fest. Just do it at the right time and the right distance.

Whatever the hell you want to call it

im bad at getting a CC, but i sure know how to avoid getting CCed.