Critical Counters in KoF XII feel a little "random"?

Just wanted to ask, cause I’m really confused about the counter stuff. Like what counts as a counter? Is it when they whiff something then I immediately hit them with the CC? Are there any restrictions?

The act of doing it and planning it may not be random, but the outcome sure is, even on “umeshoryu.”

CCs and umeshoryu won’t land if your opponent doesn’t strike out of turn.

You basically set the read up, and then it’s on your opponent to “give” you what you want, or not.

If you want to land CCs, just like any counter hits in any game, you leave a window after a hit where your opponent can move, but with you having the chance to have your move out there first. Having an adv.

There are normal counters and critical counters (CC).

A normal counter is just a move that beats out another move. You’ll see a spark happen when you get a counter. For example, someone jumps in on you with an attack and you knock them out of it with an anti-air move. This is usually an opening for specific, yet smaller, combos.

A CC is possible only when your green gauge is full and flashing. It goes down over time, but while it’s active, if you can land a HP (it’s HP for everyone except Clark, Duo Lon, and Kim; they all use HK), then it’ll cause a spark and a pause for a second while your opponent crumples to the floor. This is the opening to do a CC combo which allows you do do combos that wouldn’t normally be possible which cause massive damage.

at high level play people are not gonna be getting CCed much, it has too many limitations to become a major aspect of the gameplay. just look at japanese vids, those guys almost never get CCed

Thats what i like about the CCs in this game. It doesnt turn in SFA3 or CvS2, everyone just sitting on it and waiting for someone to attack to activated the CC. CCs in this game are hard to connect and must be used in a thoughtful manner. If by any case you do connection one by surprise, you better be ready with ur practice combo. :lol:

subcons : thank you for the explanation. I’ve gotten a better grasp of the idea from it. I was trying to figure it out in training mode, but the explanation help it made more sense.