Critical Hit #4 - Game Balance (With David Sirlin)

So, I was given this on another forum, I’ll just C+P the info:

Fuck yeah, David Sirlin.

This was awesome.

Nice to see game balance from inside the industry.

Good find, thanks!

Interesting to listen to.



They don’t have a website, but the guy who gave it to me posted it on Guild Wars Online and probably other sites. (Though on GWO for Izzy)

I’d like to take time to listen to this when I get the chance.

Favorite line during the whole show “2D fighters are a fight for space, and 3D fighters are a fight for time”.

Cool, especially since Sirlin knows what he talks about.

Yeah Corner-Trap, thats my fav quote too.

I liked Sirlin’s 1%-99% quote.

EDIT: And the quote about adding juggling tennis balls to chess.

EDIT2: Port that card game to PS2 Sirlin.

I’ll take any moneymatch in Sirlin’s Secret Sauce (Yomi Fighting Card Game) at Evo. I’m already 2-0.

Dhally is broken

So this game is already in playable form. Where can I see it? I wanna get these cards.

Taking the execution out of fighting games and have an engine that focuses mostly on mind games rather than pumping out complex combos?

That would be dead or alive series wouldn’t it?


akuma uppercut was broken until he fixed it

cuz i was yomi-ing the shit out of him and killing his honda in 3 turns

Yes, there was a playable version of the game as far back as Evo West. There were seven or eight characters, if I remember. Koogy’s referring to the Evowest build. Dhally was extra broken at EvoWorld, though.

I’ll take anyone in a moneymatch, EvoWorld2k6Dhally against all comers.

So the game is still in the development stages(he isn’t distributing it yet)?

Guild Wars ftw. :wink:

Guild Wars brings back fond memories. I loved my Assassin so very, very much.

wow so he is saying that graphics are actually limiting the gameplay…
so as of now it’s impossible for 2d gameplay to go 3d