Critical Reactor

I thought I should start with some old scans
from highschool… First up is a pseudo-self-portrait.
Take a wild guess at who I’m impersonating…

More highschool stuff. Not sure why my
friend asked me to draw this.

Another one… requested by the same guy…

An old character of mine, inspired by
Cyberbot’s Jin Saotome…

Man, I didn’t realize it then… but I put
a ridiculous amount of hair on him…

Close up shot, in actual size, of the last drawing…

unless your still in high school you shouldnt post old stuff.

Nothing in the rules against old stuff…
But if you really want something recent,
here’s a bunch of random doodling at work.

I had to make adjustments to the brightness
and contrast… it was either see the schedule on
the other side, or lose parts of the drawings.

u draw pretty good keep at it.

yeah, you got real talent, I like the first one you posted

Rock Howard

I remembered that I had an unfinished
oekaki before I left for vacation. I thought
I mind as well get it done while I have some
spare time…

Pepper Truffles and Sunflower Kings

Woops, this thread has been here awhile!

Likin’ your stuff, pretty good drawings! Keep it up.


Going to ink this tonight.
The legs look a little weird though…
more later…



0.5 mechanical pencil
pigma archival ink
prismacolor pencils

Just thought it’d be better to list what kind of media was used.

Nice spiderman. Ah prismacolors makes me reminisce about back in the days when I wasn’t a photoshop whore.

It’s been a while…

yeah, another Rock Howard pic… I might
add the wings of energy later on…

you make me wanna start drawing agin:cool:

Good stuff man! keep on drawing!

It’s been a while…

Almost forgot that I set up a gallery here.

Finished Rock Howard’s win pose recently,
and I thought I mind as well post it here too.

Somewhat higher quality version |here|.

Man this Gallery is old.

Very nice work. That latest Rock one kicks ass. I like your work before it’s colored though. It has a more free feel to it.

Good stuff post more

Good stuff here. The rock and spider-man are my two favorite colored pics, and the android animals are my favorite B&Ws. Keep it up.