Criticism on my Ryu please


#1 so i was told in an endless lobby to switch to ryu, since evil ryu isnt for beginners…and I finally decided to afterall, which actually was good because I was able to get 200 points with him and failed horribly on evil ryu. This match I lost, but was my latest one, so I need you to tell me mistakes you see…BESIDES the beginning, I know that was really stupid.


Ok, right off the bat, you jump too much. If the other ryu player was good, he would have been anti-airing you with Shoryukens and crouching Fierce punches. Both of you guys were jumping at the same time and hit each other with random attacks in the air. If either of you have Ultra, you could have done Jumping Medium punch and landed with Ultra 1, so it’s not safe up there. lol If you find out a player likes to jump, anti-air him with shoryukens or crouch fierce punch. Walk more and jump less.

The medium punch shoryuken has the most invincibility on start up. Go to training mode to test this. Record the dummy and make him jump kick you in the face. Select playback and try anti-airing with each shoryuken at the last second. Like right before the dummies foot hits your face. You’ll see that the medium punch shoryuken is safest choice. The dummies foot will go right through your head and you will hit him with the shoryuken. If you get this down, bad players will think twice before jumping at you.

At the 0:14 mark of the video, jump back Ultra 1. Now while it punished the other player, it looked like you just threw it out there. If the other ryu wasn’t mashing shoryuken on his wakeup, he could have jumped over your Ultra and punished you. *While typing this comment I got to the **0:55 **mark of the video and that shows what I’m talking about.

**Save your Ultra and use it only when you know it’s going to hit. **You can do LP or MP Shoryuken, Focus attack dash cancel, Ultra 1. Level 2 focus attack Ultra 1. Ex tatsu in the corner Ultra 1 or since the other guy is jump happy, predict a jump and then Light shoryuken, Ultra 1(There are way more setups than this). Never do the Ultra by itself like that. You can jump over Ryu’s Ultra 1 at point blank range, so it’s easy to avoid.

When the other player got close to you, you seem to like to press buttons. This really sealed your fate in round 2. When he knocks you down, you mash and wake up with a shoryuken. Like at 1:14 or 1:22. The other ryu was only going to cross you up. Best thing to do in that situation is block by walking forward. At 1:25 just blocking on wakeup would have made him waste his meter, but you hit buttons on wake up, did a Hadoken on accident and he kicked+Supered you.

At 1:30 you did a wake up mashed LP Shoryuken, Super into Ultra 1. Now while that may “Look” cool, it was a waste of your Ultra. To make a comeback you would have needed to get the full 8 hits of the Ultra. 3 hits from that Ultra did no damage thus killing your strongest comeback move. Only do shoryuken, Super into Ultra when your opponent has probably less than 40% health or when you know the Ultra is going to kill.

Also you weren’t using a major tool. If the other Ryu player walks toward you, you press crouching medium kick to poke him at the crouching medium kick’s max range. If he gets closer, you press crouching medium kick and cancel it with a hadoken for a safe 2 hit poke. If you did this during the match, the other ryu probably would have tried to jump at you because he wouldn’t have been able to get close to you. Then you anti-air him. In most cases, the other player would then back themselves into a corner or mash in frustration.

Edit: Also, You gotta stay calm in matches. Think about what your opponents characters options are at certain ranges and what your opponent is capable of. By looking at the other ryu, at close range he was only going to grab you or mash a special move. With that said you tech his grabs, block up close and punished his whiffed moves. At long range he just jumped forward. No need to fear that guy. You could beat him with crouching medium kick and shoryuken only.


Thank you a lot, but I just recently found out if you block a sweep, you can sweep them lol, how do you know when you can punish them after blocking?


It all comes down to knowing match ups, spacing, footsies, and your opponent.

If a ryu player does the sweep at max range and you block it, you can’t punish it with your own sweep. His sweep pushes you too far away at max range. Now if you move closer and you block the sweep only then will you be in range to sweep him back. If you play against someone who likes to sweep or do crouching medium kicks, you can walk into the tip of the sweep range and then immediately walk back to bait out their sweep. If you’re fast enough you can sweep their missed sweep. This is a little bit of the matchup knowledge, spacing, and footsies.

Now take a look at Ryu’s crouching fierce(HP) punch. This move has terrible recovery. If you block it you can sweep ryu. You can also sweep ryu if you get hit by it because of how slow it recovers. With that said, this move must be canceled into something. Like crouch fierce punch hadoken, shoryuken(If it hits), or hurricane kick(If it hits). If a ryu doesn’t cancel it, you punish them.

Take a look at Guiles sweep. It hits 2 times, but doesn’t do a 2 hit combo. It’s not a block string. You can block the first hit of the sweep and Fierce punch shoryuken him before his second kick hits you or even jump.

Each character has unsafe moves like this. The only way to find them all is to either play the game and fight people, fight the CPU(Because the CPU does a lot of unsafe moves like Bisons sweep slide at the start of the round), or you can look up frame data(I would only recommend doing this just to learn more about ryu at the moment).

Frame Data Example:

name /damage/stun/startup/active/recovery/on guard/on hit.

cr.LP /30 /50 /3 /2 /7 /+2 /+5
cr.MP /60 /100 /4 /4 /8 /+2 /+5
cr.HP /90 /200 /4 /8 /28 /-18 /-13

What you would look at is the “on gaurd” and “On hit”. cr.HP(Crouch Fierce punch) = On guard(If you block it) is -18. This means any attack that starts up in less that 18 frames will punish this move. As you can see all 3 punch attacks have very fast startups. 3-4 frames. Go into training mode and record ryu holding down back and doing 1 crouch fierce punch in the corner, test and see how many attacks you can punish him with before he recovers after the punch. You can even HP Shoryuken him since it has a 3 frame startup. Or even punish him with an Ultra 1 up close.

Decent players will know which moves are safe and unsafe and will punish you if you do the wrong move at the wrong range.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by this stuff. It will all come to you with experience and experimentation.


Do you think this is a good time to switch back to evil ryu, since I really want to play with him, or should I stay with Ryu or something?


Pick any character you want. Each character just requires a certain level of execution to be able to use them at their “highest” level.

Evil Ryu Fanmade trials by BGKoolaid:

Try to do some of the trials in that video with Evil Ryu in training mode. Also try doing some of the trials with the shoto characters in the Challenge mode. Ryu, Ken, and Akuma. This could give you an idea on who you can start with and the timing for their combos.


Ok, just a final question…for now… HOW DO YOU GET IN! I always watch infiltration, daigo and everyone play and I still can’t comprehend how they are able to get in. the only time I’ve gotten in, was when I stole something I saw infiltration do, which was focus through a fireball and throw them, but I always get hit when I try to go in


Daigo vs Infiltration

Take a look at these guys. Most of the time that they “got in” was after a knockdown or a missed special move. They both know how dangerous being close is, so they can’t just walk in. They walk back and forth in, out and around their opponents longest normal attacks range and play footsies. It’s like dancing.

Walk and poke with your best normal attacks at close range. Don’t just hold forward because you’re opponent may be doing the same pokes as you.

If you do manage to get in close, you’re going to want to find out some close range combos which vary depending on your character and different mixups to open up your opponents defences.

Daigo and Infiltration have examples of what to do up close…

  1. 3:23 Went for a raw grab.
  2. 3:25 He jumped in with a medium kick, crouching light punch and grabbed. Tick grab
  3. 4:12 Infiltration does a safe block string that leads into a fireball. Crouching light kick, crouching light punch, crouching medium punch, fireball. The first 3 hits are a safe block string that he used to hit confirm into the fire ball. If Daigo would have blocked properly, Infiltration probably wouldn’t have used his EX meter there.

You can use safe block strings and frame traps up close to hit confirm into specials and combos which is what most people do.

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to “get in” against every opponent though. Out poking certain people/characters and punishing their mistakes will get the win as well.