Criticize Obot64's play style/ help me improve - Limited time only!

Hey guys, I realize that MWC is this weekend!!!
last weekend me and a few people (that are going) got together, and I got raped. I have put on my site ( ) all the footage that I have of myself getting raped, if you can please watch some of that and criticize my play style.
Tips for improvement are quite welcome. Thx in advance.

omg VDO is -nuts-

Ok, never had a chance to watch any of your matches before, but I like the effort you seem to be putting forth into improving.

vs cheese_master:
game 1:
-you need to work on anti-airing every single jump that comes your way.
-the reason your Blanka low fierces are getting jumped over and punished so often is because you’re not deterring your opponents from jumping. Anti-air more.
-I know it’s the chic thing to attack and rush down nowadays, but you seem to be just mindlessly attacking without a plan. Always have a reason for whatever you do.
-you don’t seem to have a grasp of when it’s “your turn” to attack. You’re getting counter hit tons of times because you’re pressing too many buttons at times when you should just be blocking.

game 2:
-that Kyo full screen rekka into overhead thing will probably never work on anybody decent. Should probably just drop that.
-when presented with a big opening slightly far away (like whiffed jab uppercuts), do standing strong into rekkas instead of sweeping.
-again, pressing too many buttons when you should just be blocking. With Ken you’re getting knocked down in the corner, and you’re tech rolling (which you generally shouldn’t do in the corner anyway) and immediately hitting low strong. That will get you killed very quick. 95% of the time the best thing to do is just block when you get up, especially if you just tech rolled.
-your concept of spacing seems to be really off. You’re whiffing big, laggy moves from really far away. Until you get better at that I would recommend using lower risk moves.
-You seem to really like overheads from half-screen away. Trust me, it’s not good.

vs VDO:
game 1:
-again, you’re attacking too mindlessly. You’re running into a ton of crap. Since you seem to need a lot of work in a lot of areas, I would suggest working on nothing but defense for a while. Not very glamorous, I know, but you should learn to walk before you try to run.

game 2:
-this falls into the ‘attacking without a plan’ category, but you’re doing a lot of random, not very likely to hit, VERY UNSAFE specials from afar. For example, a lot of random shoto hurricanes, Kyo and Iori running grabs, Ken flipkicks, etc. The running grabs are 90% worthless and should only be used in very specific situations, shoto hurricanes are generally for air mobility or combos only. Again, always have a REASON for whatever you do. Try to get into a mindset of “he’s going to do X, so I’ll do Y to counter” instead of “X sounds good right now!”.
-whenever you make contact with the opponent with a jump in or a low short/jab, always assume that you’re going to hit. Start preparing to the best combo in the situation, and if you notice they’re blocking after the first or second hit, THEN you start going for guard damage patterns or throws. You seem to be making the choice to do either/or beforehand.

vs Lycan:
game 1:
-You need to learn to optimize your damage when you get your openings. You’re punishing huge openings with sweeps or very weak combos. Learn how to efficiently get the most damage out of every situation, and practice it until it becomes second nature and you don’t have to think about what combos to do anymore.
-again, stop with the random shoto hurricanes. Especially Ken’s.

vs cheese_master:

-you seem to have a lot of timing issues. Not just missing links and stuff, but your timing of meaty moves on rising opponents is way off. Opponents are waking up and mashing buttons and YOU’RE the one getting hit. Obviously, it should be the other way around.
-I’m trying not to get into character specifics, but there’s no reason to alpha counter a blocked Chun super unless the chip will kill you. You get a free hit afterwards regardless. Counter rolling is good as you get a full jump-in combo for free, but you’re just walking up and doing a fierce or something.


-I would suggest sticking with K-Groove at least until you get more experience and understand the game better. Your style of play is very reckless to begin with, and you while you seem to be able to do RCs well, you’re not USING them well at all. You seem to be RCing just because you can and you heard it’s good. Your JD skill seems to be ok too, so I would definitely stick with K.

In summary:

-pick K groove.
-concentrate on defense before trying to learn offense.
-learn the optimum amount of damage you can get from most situations and practice them until it becomes second nature.
-try not to be so random. Instead try to anticipate how your opponent will react to something and try to counter that. However, since that takes some experience, just stick with fighting safe.
-Random unsafe moves is a definitely no-no. Try to think about things in terms of risk/reward.
-realize when you should be blocking, and when it’s “your turn” to attack. Constantly pressing buttons is one of the quickest ways to lose.

Thanks for your comments Buck.
The same day I shot these vids, I realized my defense is at 0. I said to VDO “I need help with defense”, his response was “Dont Get Hit.”

So let me ask the question, besides punishing every jump in, what is defense about? Last time I asked this question I was told it was about controlling space, and pointed to the domination 101 section…
Before that I was told defense was footises (which I am not good at, but I try)
:: shrug :: whats defense today?

in my opinion: (a ramble about defence)
defence: keeping people at a safe distance, and attacking when it is safe to do so. I guess the hardest part of defence is knowing when to attack. you have to rely heavily on seeing through their mind games. people will often use the same set ups to hit you. not only that, different people will use setups almost if not identical to those. learn to spot those and trying to bait these setups so that you can in turn punish them. know the distance of your moves. this is more important than knowing the distance of their moves, although that should not be discounted either. know EXACTLY when your moves will hit, and what type of moves they will beat. never wiff a move purposefully, unless it has some purpose. this includes things like trying to bait, building meter at a safe distance. dont make it easy for them to get into their range. you can do this by walking back and forth (jiggling) poking with longer moves that outreach the other person, fireballs, dashing back/forth. if you HAVE to let them in, make sure you arein a position where you can also hit them. Ie cammy vs eagle, if you have to let her in, do not let her at the ideal range for her far standing fierce, but let her come closer so that you can s.forward/ her for at least a trade. as any other move that extends further than eagles will be easily beaten (as eagles fierces are much slower).

id say the best defence is keeping them out by using the tools you have to do so, watch how they get themselves into their optimum range, and try to avoid situations that will allow them to do so. You can do this by outpoking/zoning or by simply running away.

sorry this isnt really coherent, its just abunch of things i think about when playing defensively.

Defense? I guess I in SF terms I would define it as knowing how to counter anything and having the presence of mind and the execution to pull it off. I guess offense can be defined that way also, shrug. Anyway, when you’re playing defensively you also want to avoid taking unnecessary risks when possible.

Also, most people have the wrong idea of footsies. While having good footsies generally means you also have a good defense, the two terms are not synonymous. It’s possible to have very offensive footsies as well. People think that punishing whiffs is footsies. That’s a very small part of the bigger picture. However, I could go on for pages about this and it wouldn’t help you much since it’s more advanced material.

basic defense:

-if the opponent jumps, you anti-air it.
-if the opponent crosses you up, you do your character’s anti-cross up (some characters don’t have one).
-if the opponent rolls, you punish it with the biggest combo available.
-if the opponent gives you a stupid opening (a random blanka ball, unsafe super/special, etc.) you punish it with the biggest combo available.

Your very first priority is to learn these four things. Once you get the hang of that then you move on to more advanced things. When you think you do have it down, post up some newer videos and I’ll give em a look.

hi obot, i’ve watched a couple of your vids and I noticed that Kyo is one of your staple characters. So I’ll be constructive about Kyo in specific.

I think you should work on your basic offense - defense with Kyo first because he is a great training character for such.

You should have a real simple formula to try out

Use crouching forward, standing roundhouse, and his two crouching roundhouses to keep the pressure on the opponent.

When the opponent jump, do stand fierce or jump straight up roundhouse

When the opponent makes a mistake, do stand roundhouse or his combos

Use K groove and never EVER run unless you’re within half a screen from your opponent.

Kyo is great to practice combos with cause it’s 1) easy 2) damaging and 3) it knocks down.

Using just these buttons you should be able to handle most of the characters your opponent plays in the video. Just defending can take care of the rest.

Alright thanks for all your post, Ill mull these things over and see what I can do at MWC.

The part I love the most is the second obot64 vs cheesemaster match. Cheesemaster’s C-Yamazaki is half screen against Obot64’s N-blanka, and his yamazaki has full meter. So at half screen while blanka is just standing around, he does a level 3 (not 2) qcfx2+P super, which is of course blocked and blanka gets a throw. Then someone in the background says “That’s how you play Yamazaki huh”

:lol: :lol:

Sup Obot, unfortunately my main pc is messed and i can’t dl your vids!!!

But it seems like you are going random style from reading the posts. A safer way to rushdown is counter hitting. walk up c.lp c.lp etc etc.

before watching the vid I read buktooth’s post which to me was somewhat similar to what I once wrote on another forum in a topic called “cvs2 - playing a better game”. I would post a link, but it’s in dutch :wink: …Reading that was good for my ego. My problem is I mostly don’t practice what I preach, because I’m a hypocrite. But to comment on the vid itself… the only thing I can say that hasn’t been said allready is that you miss a lot of chances. Like buktooth said, you punish with sweeps or other stuff, but you also miss ryu’s link to super etc.

You do an excessive amount of poking and comboing into FB for pressure, which isn’t wrong, but it’s hardly any form of strategy. I’m guessing that maybe you could gain a lot if you had set goals for each character (and matchup) so you have something to focus on and you would play more effectively since you are creating your own super-opportunities. Right now it seems like the combo/big-damage opportunities stem from your opponent’s mistake or a lucky landed hit which you link. Maybe I’m blind and too unexperienced but as I see it you don’t condition the oponent’s behavior and you don’t do (effective) mixups. Perhaps a bad analogy, but it looks like you play quantity (a lot of rushing and poking) as opposed to quality (mindgames and setups).

Whatever the opponent doesn’t punish me for, I’m going to keep doing it. The other guy’s not JDing or roll canceling through my poke xx fireball with Ryu? Good. It’s an easier guard break for me.

Same thing with the safe fall too. Until you start hurting me for doing it, there’s no way I’m going to let you stand over my body for a free mixup situation.

Jump ins, tick throws, whatever. Until you can obviously see the opponent isn’t going to let you get away with them anymore (or if the risk isn’t in your favor because they have a level 3 etc…), if something’s working, why stop?

Hey shutup… my Yamazaki kicks ass. And my super came from being a moron and trying to do an RC knife move… and fucking up.

And yea… someone teach me how to play Ken and shotos like Choi does. He just walks up 1/2 screen away and does short, short, if hit super, if not, walk up short short. Also… I need help with Sagat. After this weekend at MWCs… I came to terms that Sagat vs Sagat is the most tediously slow matchup ever.

i agree with you totally, unfortunately, that’s the same mentality that forces me to play against CBS 9 out of 10 matchs. bleh

OK, make that RC knife slash from half screen against a neutral state opponent :lol:

CM You just got Burghy’ed!
Wall Strat!
and that was cold bloooded~~!