Critics Say Google Invades Privacy With New Service

I already turned off Buzz, although I don’t really have much/anything to hide.

Still, the thought of what this could do is disturbing.

well they are saying they are gonna fix it

i hope they remove streetview altogether as well

How do you turn it off? lol Google building skynet. I removed chrome because of the little ad things they have in there.

In the small text at the bottom of your googlemail inbox.

Man never even knew Buzz existed until this **** went down, turned it off with the quickness.

Hey dumb ass remember this?
Of course you told me this.

Now I point back at you


I typed overload. Oh typos. It is turned off and I nixed my chrome a week or two ago. Get out of my head GOOGLE!

is this where we riot now? i mean god damn there’s like xanga, twitter, myspace, facebook, linkedin, googlewave and now google buzz. who has time for all dat shit?!

Yep it’s now your turn to accept the Google overload! :rofl:

Why turn it off it just going to come after you again! :rofl:

Fuck google for this bullshit.

Unintended… consequences…

There goes that “I’ve got nothing to hide” argument. :rolleyes:

Well, they let me use their delightful search engine free of charge, the very least I can do is share some of my personal information.

she sounds like a fun woman to be around