[CRITIQUE] Custom Joystick Artwork

What do you guys think of this for a joystick custom artwork…

Is this picture not high res enough?

im scared

Great book!

I personally don’t like photos for use as stick art. Just my .02 though.

It’s close. If you’d want some advice, you might do well - if you have access to a scanner - to rent the dvd and scan in the top left corner of the artwork. Set the scanner to descreen, 300dpi and about… 400%. Assuming the picture is a 2"x2" square, that’ll net you an 8"x8" image (just about a sheet of standard paper) at 300 dpi and a 16x16 image at 150 dpi, which is about as low a resolution you’ll wanna print at.

You can scan it in a more than 400%, you’ll just keep getting progressively huge images.

That said, you can try to print that image out and hope that the image interpolation will smooth out the pixelization (and the jpeg artifacting, which might give you funky color in his hair).

eeewwww, gross, that clown used to scared the hell out of me, when i was a little kid.

LMAO, im scared as well =[

Christ, I clicked that expecting some anime dude or maybe some boobs… I don’t know if I could play with that on my joystick, it’d freak me out.


Same here.

is that suppose to intimidate your opponents???

cause it definitly would, if it was on your opponent’s stick

i would never be able to play with that as my stick art.

Oh God D:

Shouldn’t your stick art match a game? also i like that book but that art is shitty



Everything floats down here!

As much as I love Tim Curry, I don’t know if that would work out as stick art really. I think it would be a cool gimmick at first, but you’ll probably end up changing it.

But hey, maybe you love clowns way more than we know. In that case, go ahead and slap it on.

Oh, shit!! D: !!

I actually f’in hate clowns. Always been scared of them, even close to having a phobia.

On a side note: I probably won’t use this image because there would be issues with the resolution (too low) and placement issues (his face will get cropped by buttons/stick.

I’ll think of another piece.