Critique me for help

I ran some local sets last weekend and got bodied. I thought my Adon leveled up from what it used to be months back, but this hurt. Would you all give me some advice and critique my Adon for me? disregard the Juri play unless you just want to say something about that too.

Your a bit too jumpy, its tattle tale and readable so you can anticipate it easily. I can tell you don’t know any safe jumps so you shud try and make safe jumps to beat reversals. You can tell he was waiting for you to iajk at some points. The only time you should jump is when you first know it will cross up and/ or second know he is going to try and poke you with something. Otherwise dont do it alot because it becomes very obvious. Also use your 5hk and 5hp more for footsies. And block more and punish rekkas. If your in range for a rekka just block and see if it comes out. If you get hit by it just mash mk rj, unless its the lp version. If they do the second hit it wont matter because your trapped in block stun and if they delay it for any amount of frames for mk rj to come out then mk rj’s upper body invincibility will get you through the rekka for a punish.

I noticed I was jumping too much after I watched it myself as well. I thought safe jumps were jumping and not pressing anything, but now I know they’re something different. I’ll look those up too. I didn’t know Fei could continue Rekka’s nor did I know MK RJ goes through it if he delays it. Thanks K.V! Can I add you on PSN?

Sure go ahead bro, pm me if you need anything else

Well since he already said it yeah stop jumping so much and if you do mix up the jagga kicks in beteween, there is nothing wrong with jumping from a safe distance to close in the gap.

Work on your hit confirms and combos, majority of the damage you dealt were from normals just hitting him

Walk forward more, like I said before there isnt anything wrong with jumping but you can approach in different ways

You really need to practice hit confirms with those cross ups. You either did a RJ when he was clearly blocking or you missed an opportunity to do a RJ when you hit. My suggestion is to go into training mode, put it on Random Block, then do jump mk crossups against the AI. Practice these two combos;

On Hit: -> cr.lp -> cr.lp -> mk.RJ

On Block: -> cr.lp -> cr.lp -> -> mk.JK

You can vary it up a bit, but the principle is the same; have a specific combo you execute every time that gives you enough time to register mentally whether you hit or not. Then try to finish with RJ on hits and JK on blocks so you can get the chip damage. Be careful with the block string because if you do it EVERY time, if your opponent is smart enough, he will dp or something knowing you’ll do that, so just pulling back might bait out a few of em, you never know. The important thing here is that once you have this down to perfection, then you can more easily start introducing your mix ups; -> grab -> cr.lp -> grab -> cr.lp -> cr.lp -> grab -> cr.lp -> cl.s.hp (frame trap) -> cr.lp -> hk.RJ -> nj -> -> lk.ajk

and many more;

Tactics wise, when you were in range for his rekkas, you needed to do a lot more neutral jumping. Doing a hk.JK just inside his rekka range isn’t a great tactic, because if you’re close enough, he can wiff punish you. Even if you didn’t connect your neutral jumps all the time, it would at least get him thinking about it so he doesn’t just throw them out all the time. Another useful tactic against rekkas is focus attacks. Just focus and if he does it, hit em with it and do a quick back dash. Mix all of this up and he will be very uneasy about throwing them out like nothing. He obviously knew you had no counters for his rekkas so he just kept doing them.

Will post more over time but cringed after the first match. Here is my overall breakdown:

  1. Too jumpy. While air jaguar kick has its advantages, its not to be overused. You also have to keep in mind that all of Adon’s moves make him airborne so you will want to keep him grounded as much as possible.

  2. Need some better punishes. This opportunity in particular (1:17 when you blocked fei’s fire kick) made me cringe. I resort to FP->RJK(RH) for more damage compared to the short.

  3. I think a bit more fei experience is also needed here. Fei vs Adon is more about spacing. Fei kind of wants you to throw jk around much. You need to resist that urge and try to out footsie him. You also want to punish him for any mistakes or failed rekkas he puts out.

  4. Just a reminder, this match up is about spacing and both Fei and Adon can get an advantage if their opponent is cornered. Keep that in mind. Its kind of why he blew up your defense in the corner since he was spamming his rekka. Throw in a neutral jump RH to deal with that. Just watch out for fire kick.

  5. Get that air jaguar kick down. I saw some air RH that i believe were actually air jk attempts.

One last bit of advice, try to avoid going airborne or doing jk against others you see airborne with their (Deejay in particular). In most occassions you will get knocked out of your special (only thing I want in next update is 1 piece of armour on any of Adon’s moves, please jt) and end up cussin. Keep up the good fight.