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I main Seth, and I want to get better, so can you critique my Seth?

Seth vs Viper

Seth vs Ryu

Seth vs Vega

Seth vs Vega

Seth vs Gief


seem to have the basic gameplay down, try not to end block strings with jump back FP quite so much, & bait those random srks/hp thunders with neutral jump, resist the urge to chuck out HP :smiley: because you know the second they get hit by a jumping hp, the next time you try it they are 100% going to try and AA you


Thanks for the input, my brain always tells me not to j.fp, but I still do it. It’s just a really bad habit I have to break.


I only watched your Viper match so far… I don’t know how long you’ve been playing Seth, but he has the advantage in that match up.

You need to space yourself far enough away from the vertical TK, and just use LP Tanden Engine. He can only counter with Ex Flame Kick, the answer to that is because the spacing is the same for a cross-up HK, you just use the cross-up. It’s really safe if done at the correct time.

I also suggest you use c.LK > c.LP > s.HP xx Ex Bullet Kick when using the Sonic Boom Trap. In the case that you aren’t playing a Marvel player, the chances are you’ll land your combo are higher than normal.

I have much more in this match-up, just too lazy to type. I’d really suggest you take a look at the Match-up threads for these specific match-ups or any others for that matter so you have a heads up on your competition.


Thanks, but there’s no info on the Viper match up in the match up thread.
Also, it’s dumb to do the Ex Chunners kick in a combo.
I don’t understand anything else you’re trying to tell me.
So I do Jab Tanden when they do Fp tk? Idk, it’s just hard for me to understand what you’re trying to say, sorry. Thanks anyways.


No, not using it in combos is dumb.


Actually, unless i’m missing something it IS in fact dumb to do EX legs in a combo, since all versions of legs do the same damage, but LK legs has 12 startup frames and doesn’t cost meter, whereas EX legs has 16 startup frames and costs you meter. So why would you want to use EX legs in a combo??


Like I said, it’s dumb to do in a combo. It does the same damage, same stun, but has more start up frames. The only good thing about this is the invincibility frames it offers for Fireballs.


I also want to hear peoples arguments why you would use EX legs, especially after s.HP, where you can simply do HK Legs if distance to the corner is an issue.

Also, Teleport after FA on punish?..XD You shouldn’t punish wiht ultra anyways, you almost had super, so you could’ve used that, or simply c.HP xx LP SRK -> Bounces -> Divekick.

And when you have meter, why don’t you use c.HP xx EX Tanden -> c.HP sometime? It’s great stun damage.


Lol, the FA > Teleport was a mistake, I was going to do my ex Shoryu.
I also save my Meter for set ups.

jab sonic boom xx fadc >teleport > c.fp
jab sonic boom xx fadc > teleport > jump fp > c.foward xx legs
jab sonic boom xx fadc > teleport > > > c.sp xx legs
or if they jump out of ^
jab sonic boom xx fadc > dash foward x2 > jab shoryu > jump down foward x3 > jump down roundhouse


I only saw the Viper match, but you didn’t get much damage out of those set-ups did you? If you ask me, LP SB xx FADC -> DP+PPP/KKK after Ultra is the best set-up. It’s like a true 50/50.


You’re right, but you don’t have to fadc after a jp sonic boom after Ultra.
Thanks for the input anyways.

Does anyone know what Jalapno is talking about though?


I think he means that if you do LP boom>FADC>teleport that instead of doing any of the stuff you said above, you should do a BnB like cr.LK,cr.LP,HPxxlegs.

As for doing EX version of legs i still have no idea.

Also i’d like to point out that i am absolutely in love with jumpin HK, HP xx Sonic Boom>FADC>HP xx Legs or if i have full meter and feeling flashy AND they’re not blocking i do the longer version jumpin HK, HP xx Boom>FADC>HP xx Boom>FADC>HP xx Legs, and i’m wondering why i don’t see it around so much since it only uses 2 bars (1 boom FADC version obviously) and does 372 damage and 730 stun, and when in the corner you can do even more damage after headstomps>divekick (SPD after that combo in corner is 1000 stun). Also very easy to either backdash or do SPD after forward dash on block…only downside for me is: it’s from a jumpin…upside 457 damage on the long version, which is more than cr.HP>super =D


Can you make it so they have to guess which way to block the SB without FADC?

Nope :confused:


critique this



Does this really deserve it’s own thread?

you can make you opponent guess which way to block after ultra SB->teleport depending on the timing and the distance between you and your opponent.


oh, ‘ex’ legs… yeah, no point in that, I just read legs.


My bad! Don’t scold me, I was on the Ex Burning Kick train of thought when I typed that (Considering I was typing about Viper, now I know why it slipped passed). No, EX is not the route. Using LK and MK are the only way to go.

I’m not dumb enough to waste bar on a combo like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Let me elaborate on the use of LP Tanden. Using it after a knock down against a Viper player, meaning you can bait them by walking just outside of range, but doing the Engine early enough sucks them in. If they decide to hold up, you need to time it early enough so you can be done with recovery frames by the time they jump so you can block last minute.

Sorry, but if that’s not clear enough, I’ll just rape some Viper player and show you what I’m talking about.


Please do lol.

But, I think you’re trying to say is do a meaty Jab Tanden outside of the TK reach?


There we go, for the life of me, I can’t think SF4 right now. Tired and about to get some ish straight.

Indeed, I meant to say a meaty Jab Tanden outside of TK range, or maybe just far enough where you won’t get hit before the reversal wears off.