Critique Me



Ok, thanks for the info.


Also, I’m sure you’ll notice it when you execute it correctly but. If you notice, Viper is on the ground just barely after the invincibility frames wear off, meaning you’ll suck her in even if she executes. I’ll find the post where I posted about the Viper match-up.

Here you go. This is what we talked about concerning the Viper match up.


Thanks a lot, I’m going to practice it.
Also, do you know any good vids of Seth vs Viper?


[media=youtube]Lqgft1wCn94[/media] Sabin (SE) vs Uryo (VI) - 7 months old
[media=youtube]EG3TQcsNhDg[/media] A Rival (SE) vs Haunts (VI) - 1 year old

Only two videos I have time to find. Gotta smoke, work out, then go get messed up and sing karaoke.


Studying “Frame Data” huh? Lol, that’s what we call it at the casuals. Thanks for all the help man, I greatly appreciate it.


No problem. Screw the frame data, the only thing you need to know is:

  1. How to combo
  2. What combos might be character specific
  3. Match-up Experience
  4. Gimmicks*

I’ve got a shit ton of shenanigans that people can’t adapt to. I sat in Training mode for a good hour finding the spacing on my moves and specials (Super and Ultra included) figuring out how Seth ticks. I then adapted my ADHD personality to it and then abuse shit till people make me learn something new. I of course went 2 and Out at every tournament I entered at first, but lately I’ve been a mofuckin’ contender being the only Seth player in the NW.

I think it’s gratifying that we have exceptional Seth players in different locations around the world (Sako in Japan, Jinrai in CA, Arturo on East Coast, Evil Rashan in South East, OnlineTony in Cali, and A Rival in the mid-east?). I think these are players to really look to and study up on because we all have unique styles and we can make them work. My personal opinion on Seth is that any player can use him, because of his tool set, it makes him a versatile character where players with different styles can use him effectively.

Anyways, cigarette break is over, time to pump iron!


Studying Frame Data=lighting one up