Critique my Abel?



I’m starting to break old habits, but beating higher ranks is still a bother. They still punish my silly mistakes, but I know those are fixed with practice.
The thing is, sometimes i’m caught NOT knowing what to do at all. I read up on srk, attempt to change, and I still get mindgamed hard. Please help!


as opposed to 1 month ago (i was terrible don’t watch the whole thing)



your main approach is some pretty predictable full screen rolls, try some
you waste an entire EX bar on some fancy shit combo into ultra, totally unnecessary, massive waste


I can tell you are not very familiar with frame data. Rolling almost point blank and then doing a is unbelievably slow, especially against a character like Ryu.
But here are some tips that will help vs good Ryus and most characters in general

  1. Don’t wheel kick on Ryus wake up. Easy clean DP reversal

  2. Don’t roll so close to Ryu. Dont roll so much in general, good players will throw u easily.

  3. Anti-air with attacks like and c.fp. Dont anti air focus, most ryus will DP u instant

  4. Add more mixup to your step kick pressure. I saw a lot of step kick jab jab jab step kick. A throw would have broken that cycle.

  5. Pretty good punishes, but some questionable times to do low fierce. (like after that wheel kick) c.FP is not fast.

  6. Don’t make threads just for your own Abel. There is the match videos thread where you can ask people to give u tips, and mostly likely people will.


My 2 minutes and 58 seconds analysis in order of what I see:

Off a jump in, you shouldn’t be doing xx CoD, its next to impossible to hit confirm that, and in the event it gets blocked that equals a free reversal dp/combo starting with jab on many characters. You should instead use -> s.fp xx CoD off of a cross up, and if the short is blocked you can tick throw or jab into a forward kick in to continue the pressure.

If you land a focus attack, please punish with c.hp xx fierce FS, then continue the wakeup pressure game (I remember reading a pdf that explained all the possible approaches off of hard knockdowns, you might try to find that)

HK Rolling towards people is bad.

Random c.hp xx CoD is VERY unsafe. instead of throwing the c.hp out, throw a forward kick out, which either links into s.hp xx cod on hit or gives you a free tick throw pressure on block.


i prefer hit confirming a jump in with cr.lp -> forces a stand on crouchers. let’s you continue with a blockstring just as easy.


i’m not sure that your advice is relevant at his skill level, cr. lk -> s.fp is a one frame link and it’s range dependent (you can’t land this from any cross up and far s. hp is pretty easily punishable)

going for cr. lp -> s. mp is much safer option, especially online


You can cross up and link to -> s.hp, which is the entire reason why I would suggest you do that. You cannot cross up and follow with c.lp -> because the c.lp pushes you back further than the, causing a far to come out.


^^ it’s all character specific and also depends on how deep you cross up, but both are entirely possible.


you can continue cross up with either, the problem is that depending on range and character you might get far s. mp or far s. hp, it’s much easier to get counterhit out of far hp (12f startup) than far mp(5f startup)

to tell you the truth, the only reasons i see for using cr. lk-> s.hp are

  1. first hit is low
  2. damage

  1. You probably would of won, or at the least put Ryu on notice, with the damage from a simple Hit->CoD->FADC->cr.HP->Ultra. I’m sure he was impressed with your full Super Bar combo, but I’d imagine he “lol’ed” when you went into the Ultra from it.

  2. Practical>Flair.

Props to putting the video up.


At 1:31 on the first video, you’ve just wasted your whole bar on a combo with 2 FADC that does less damage than going straight to cr. hp > ultra after the first FADC