"Critique My Akuma!" Video Blog Thread



Since I don’t feel I can explain some of the issues that I’ve been having playing akuma on paper, I decided to get a cap card and record them so some players on here can critique me. I’ll be updating this often as I play pretty much every day, so hopefully this inspires some other people to do a similar thing(I know other character forums have this similar type of thread). If anyone wants to share videos of their play on here, thats fine with me too.

Ok, heres the first video:

Videos constantly updated at http://www.youtube.com/user/rugiOHHHH

Criticise my Akuma

nice reset into bnb combo @ 0:32


I noticed you ate two direct jump ins while crouching and I’m not sure why.


I was trying to SRK, but they didn’t come out. :\

That guy wasn’t really good, but it was just a test to see how the quality was going to come out. I’ve got more videos on the way.


Just a few things;

-EX moar. Seriously, Akuma’s EX moves are fucking amazing, and you were sitting on bar the whole fight.

-Mix up your air FBs to cover different parts of the screen; you got really predictable, other players shouldn’t be able to dash twice underneath your FBs.

-AA demon. Cuz dammit, it’s the reason you’re playing Akuma.


gotcha. you’re going to the richmond tournament next weekend, so I hope I get some time to talk to you about akuma x_x

heres another match vs. my friend mike’s chun. I REALLY need some tips on this matchup, because he basically just rushes me with footsies and gets in my face. I know that alot of his jumpins go unpunished, so that’s one thing I need to work on. Anyways, you guys be the judge. I’ve got the first six matches of our 30-game session today recorded, and although I played much better towards the end of the set I didn’t record them. These ones I played pretty bad, but I guess that’s a good thing because it exposes my weaknesses even more.


First games of the set. The rest are on the way.


Well, you need to keep practicing, but there are a couple of things I can point out.

  • Don’t let people get free jumps. Like ST one of the points of this game is to punish jumps. Work on always punishing obvious jumps.

  • Learn to punish obvious fireball patterns with ex demonflip. You guys were just content to match like ten fireballs. You can actually p8inish a fullscreen fireball with ex demonflip is you anticipate.

  • Never throw a 3 hit red on Ryu’s wakeup if he has ultra from half screen or less. He gets a free ultra if you do.


If I ex demonflip the FB does that include the dive kick? or just demonflip throw/punch?


I’m not sure if that’s true tbh. It seemed that you can still jump out of it and ultra/super back. The Shaku stops ryu’s ultra for 3 hits. Can anyone confirm for me if it’s possible to jump out and still punish with an ultra or super? I haven’t tested it yet.


The problem is that if it’s truly meaty, the invincibility frames on Ryu’s ultra start up allow the shaku to pass through him


Either or is fine. Dive kick is recommended for the big damage tho.

It is true, which is why I said it.

No you can’t. 3 hit red has horrific recovery frames on it. Throwing it half screen or less can get you ultra’d.

You do understand we are talking about the 3 hit red fireball? The one with 63 recovery frames?

Not in a wake up scenario. Ryu’s ultra has invincibility frames on it to fireballs for sure. Red passes harmlessly through him.

I did confirm it, otherwise I wouldn’t have said it.


i dont think you can jump out of it after using his fireball

if ryu uses his super you can use the raging demon to go through it if you use it at the right moment. wicked invincibility frames. cant go through the ultra though


More Akuma vs Chun:

Tips are appreciated.


Your game is considerably above mine, so I’ll just make one observation (and take it with a grain of salt):
You use your FAs mostly as a counter-poke, sometimes it works out really well (I recall you demoned twice in one of the videos).
I think you can improve your results a little bit by mixing in some more feints out of the FA to make Chun more hesitant to try to punish it.


yeah you need to punish the chun-li jump ins alot more. Also that chun wanted you to fireball for her overhead kick, lp shaka or regular fireball baits that and you can absorb it and dish out a level 2 fa for a free BnB. by the way on jump in from chun you can use cMK to buffer demon and demolish her.


Take Chun’s meter into consideration when you jump on her after a knockdown. You ate a few EX SBK’s. Akuma’s divekick can beat her ex sbk most of the time. You can also airFB, DemonFlip. When you were in the corner, chun used a lot of Hazan Shu’s, FA them. Keep Akuma’s air tatsu in mind when you need to escape the corner, smart players will try to bait your teleport then punish.

Im not that good myself, so take it with a grain of salt.


You got some skills (those FADC’s were tight and consistent).

I would say that you need to punish the jump ins. Some of those were easily readable and if caught early its an easy Ultra to make half Chun’s health disappear.

You are better than me anyway keep it up.

I got RROD on my console two days ago but am getting it swapped on Sunday so add me and we can spar a few rounds.


Me vs. Rufus:

Me vs. Balrog


I’d critique you for your anti-air, but I forget and misjudge them myself a lot of the time, so I’ll just say good matches.


i absolutely suck online…still getting used to lag…i don’t seem to find many other people playing at the same time i do in hawaii, so 3-bar matches it is for me…

either way, here are some things that might improve your chances of winning:

  • ex-srk on wakeup for winning chip damage (against your first post vs chun, this would have given you the battle) because ex-srk has invincibility frames all the way up.
  • when your opponent is crouching, opt for c.lp/c.lk, c.lp, c.mp, fb, fadc–>bnb instead of the lk.tatsu. a lot of times you had plenty of time to hit-confirm, but the lk.tatsu still came out and whiffed.
  • great use of s.hk, but you can cover/lead your jump-ins with air fireballs. i see you air fireball, then low attack a lot.
  • haha lovely uRD against rog in r2.
  • opponents who FA over you on wakeup should be eating uRDs.
  • opponents who FA your jump-ins often should be eating an air-throw or an armor-break demon palm.

all in all though you play a really solid akuma!