"Critique My Akuma!" Video Blog Thread



sup, just started playing ssf4 ae a while ago, i am still at scrub level, transitioning from a pad to a stick too. also i never played 3rd strike, so i dont know ao to escape trows, ao do escape or refuse a trow?


It works decently against her, it doesn’t work at all against DeeJay. That’s all I need to know.

And yeah, that too. You just don’t have to divekick 100 % of the time (you know better than me), just to say.

It’s tighter then safejumping Cammy man. I’m not saying it’s impossible or something, I did it yesterday 100 % of the time against Yun in about 20 matches - and if I can manage that…

Btw what’s his wakeup speed? Should be either 1 or 2f the time for the D+MK.

I dunno, maybe it’s just me who gets hit easier by DeeJay than Cammy during Tatsu crossup…

This remind me of Makoto btw. I just don’t do x-up tatsu anymore against her till I get some free time to see if it’s really possible to use it against Mak - seems to get beaten badly by her new fukiage…

Not reliably, at times not at all if it’s what you’re asking (not that I worked on it either). Wait a second, does this happen only to me? What the hell…

Still better then getting stuffed every time by the evil upkicks… :stuck_out_tongue:

This just gave me a headache lol.


2 more replays of mine. Please comment.




Against DJ you have to use more of a reverse safe jump. You start by establishing your empty jump mix ups and attempt to set up your regular jump ins. You’ll see Tokido using a lot of these actually because they tend to be great against opponents who love to block. Also when Deejay is out of meter you can use your normal vortex. You can also use dive kicks if he is really reversal happy.

Once you establish that you opponent is starting to react to the empty jumps, then you can start mixing in your regular “safe” jumps. If you show you are willing to empty jump then a lot of players won’t reversal so if you do a really late attack after jumping. If your timing is good then your opponent can’t tell the difference between the two so he is stuck just blocking.


I’m a bit lost in this matchup.
Anyone care to help?



Bison and Dudley are the other matchups i really have trouble with. Here is a game with a bison and dudley. I need to know what to do in both matchups when under pressure because i tend to eat a lot of shit while trying to escape.




That Dudley wasn’t very good… Always focusing when he was within sweep range. It was so predictable. If he would’ve played against me, I would’ve Ultra’d his butt so many times for doing it! Against a better Dudley, you would’ve gotten punished for all those careless st. HK you threw (though I am guilty of doing the same many times!). I did like your match against the Bison player though. Again, the only thing I can say for sure that I saw wrong in most rounds is that you don’t AA enough.

I know how hard it is sometimes to judge the right distance and not want to let go a careless SRK that would leave you hanging for a juicy punish from your opponent, but that’s why I use cr. HP more often. Especially when my opponents like to use ambiguous cross-ups since the cr. HP gets those easily while an SRK may whiff…


(Not sure how to do hotlinking. tried [me dia=youtu be]Zn7lWp1-dXs[/me dia] without the spaces, and it showed up blank.)

Here’s the first video of my Akuma. I’m new to Street Fighter, but not fighting games. This is partly a quality test, but I told myself today that no matter who the first good player I played was, I’d upload it. So here’s a match against Chris Hu’s Oni.

My own comments on the match:

I need to not try to put wake up pressure on Oni via jumping so much. I play a little Oni and his big DP can grab you out of the air easily even if you’re right over the top of his head, autocorrect or not. I kept doing it because he seemed afraid to do anything about it.

I don’t know why I missed that free punish in the first round. Either I thought he was a little closer and c.MKxxHK tatsu would connect, or I just cracked and wasn’t ready to walk up and do a real punish. There were no lag problems, so no excuses. Later in the round he messes up a FADC into ultra, but that’s because he didn’t do the right input. You should do FADC >> dash >> QCB QCF 3P; Oni crosses under his opponent for a split second so QCFx2 doesn’t work 90% of the time.

I’m pretty glad I had the presence of mind to hit the other direction to get ultra demon to come out when he tatsus over my c.MK. :smiley:

Rip into me, other than the dropped combos (very rare for me, I must’ve been intimidated by the name, I haven’t played many big names in SF! I’m free to fame D: )


1.@0:40 After you got the counter hit sweep you do a Df.palm to a Cr.jab Cr.jab then you go for a grab at this range you are to far that’s why his jab hit you. learn how Kara grab with St.hp to get more range.
2. i notice you throw alot of Cr.forward either buffer Dp while your Cr.med kick is active to catch jump ins or buffer demon if you have revenge meter. always make it a habit to buffer demon when you do Cr.forward or Cr.roundhouse comes in handy if they focus then u can demon them.
3.@1:10 you dash n do a back throw you immediately do a Lk.Df kick it whiffs and he punishes with just a throw, if it was some one else he could of punished you harder. what i do after a Back throw i personally go for forward throw but if i get a back throw i go for Lk.Df grab or Os jab,sweep,jab.
4.@1:17 missed ex dp punish you gotta be on those.
5.@1:21 nice Cr.forward under air tatsu but again you go for a back throw do a forward throw more mix up options.
6.@1:30 you dp fadc n miss Red Fireball (Shakunetsu Hadouken)
7.@1:52 you do a Hk.Df palm wiff and you immediately go for a jab but you got beat out because he knew what you were doing right away.
8.@2:00 nice block string but try to delay Cr.strong a lil longer to get counter hit.
9.@2:40 you get the demon but just walk back n forth? what i like to do is whiff a Cr.strong then immediately do a Tk air fireball or Lk.Df Grab.
10.Throughout your match but @2:44 you walk forward and do St. roundhouse he punished you and killed you! when akuma walks forward usually that’s a clear indicator hes going to do St.roundhouse and he was right. he blocked and punished you it cost you the round. what i like to do is walk forward n whiff St.Lk makes em think twice.
11.@3:00 you do a Hk.Df kick and get punished for it remember your playing a character that has the second lowest hp in the game you want to take risk that will be in your benefit.
overall the final round was better but you missed afew jump in’s and @3:40 you got a Df.palm knock down but went for Crossup tatsu too late he was doing onis groundpound thats why you couldn’t sweep him after. heres two vids you should watch to get a better idea on how to properly play him better but overall you did decent against a very good player.
1.the vortex game [media=youtube]vNUh919NH6Y[/media]
2.how to do Tk airfireballs [media=youtube]QUK3fSke4JQ[/media]


Thanks for all the input, I didn’t even know Akuma had a kara throw. I know LK demon flip after bthrow sucks, it never works for me, but I can’t seem to break myself of it, it seems so intuitive -_-

You’re right, I haven’t really even thought of the impact of using s.HK against crouching opponents, and how bad I can screw myself with that.

My fundamentals are strong from other games, but everything you listed really highlights how badly I need to work on specific Akuma stuff and stop coasting. I appreciate it.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: but i forgot to mention st.Roundhouse against specific characters that whiff after the first hit can work in your advantage, as soon as your second roundhouse starts up most players are ready to punish you. in the mean time you are buffering demon during s.Roundhouse animation. this is very risky but i can tell you from experience this has worked for me online at the arcade even at tournaments.
take this match for example from Evo 2k10 Infiltration vs Shizza @4:30 [media=youtube]MYUYyFzUUDQ[/media]


omg Infiltration… just teleport…


Damn Im sorry I just drop by to see what Akuma players are speaking and lo an behold I find u saying some stupid crap like u can vortex DJ…u cant BUT…the thing u can do if the DJ player is not grabbing u on wake up is to bait with safe DFpalm or play FB games intill every DJ does u focus the first FB DJ does, then the noob DJ slides then u focus the slide into demon or punish it w/sweep or what hav u… thats is what I do, and DP his jump ins its pretty straight forward…u may hav vortex-ed a shi**ty DJ that does not know his options stay free Sol


Wow, looks like someone has too much time on his hands trolling the Akuma forums lately, DJ can be vortexed, we can tatsu sweep him for God’s sake.


Just ignore the troll.


Ignoring trolls is hard. They are so big and hairy


This guy has a personal vendetta against you Sol, money match him at next EVO and then see if he runs his gob to you. When there’s money on the line he’ll be a quiet little bitch and won’t say anything, he’ll lose and then you’ll never hear from him. That’s what dicks like this are like.


Shit, just play him online in Endless and create a replay room. Invite me and I’ll capture it in glorious HD and post it to my Youtube account!


I think the best advice to give is to play a little bit of Seth, just like when watching an Akuma after a forward throw you can ID if the hit is going to be a crossup or not, the same is possible with Seth. For example, first vid at 1:22 was going to be a crossup because of how far he walked forwards after the dash.

First vid we can only really focus on how he got in, first round you eased off a little too far after your EX DP combo ender, I wish inputs were on because we’d probably see him buffering the DP but he didn’t let it rip because you were too far away.
Second round you didn’t want to teleport because he showed you he can punish it in the first round. If you’re low on stun and relatively high on health I’d recommend teleporting out on the first knockdown and just accepting the st.fierce because I like those odds better. Another thing is simply that you showed him you weren’t willing to uppercut without meter, you’ve gotta just do it.

Start of the second vid… I thought that palm was going to be safe, obviously just a tiny bit too slow on the demonflip, but that would have caused all kinds of misery if the DP was blocked.
0:23, same setup, SPD, dash, walk forward that far for crossup, a little less for non crossup. Try that in training mode yourself and you’ll easily be able to ID it in matches.

I don’t know what mindset you have about the Seth matchup but it’s worth noting that there isn’t really any other matchup like it in that it’s pretty rare for any round to be close, the momentum swings to the extreme end of the scale either way.

It might help to watch those South Korean arcade tournament Infiltration vs Poongko matches… the ones before Poongko levelled up :x

Re-reading what I’ve written, some of it could come across as arrogant, please don’t take it that way it’s just that Seth is probably my best secondary so I know a little bit about it, plus nobody else had written anything for you yet.


Arrogant? Where did you get that from. That seemed like good advice to me. My friend also mains Seth and I find it hard to beat him at times, he is so solid. I’d say his Seth is only second to HutchUSA in the UK.