"Critique My Akuma!" Video Blog Thread








NEC XV Casuals. This Oni is pretty solid.


My match against StaticGorilla, a Decapre. I dropped may too many links here

My match against Snake Eyez.

Things I noticed myself:

  • Stop doing st.hk. It’s -2 and he’ll SPD every time
  • Punish EX Green Hand on block with Demon. I didn’t notice I just got Ultra at that time
  • Punish block EX Green Hand with anything better than a SRK. Coulda easily went st.hp into BnB
  • He’s gonna crouch lariat. I’m not online anymore. Stop demon flipping
  • Don’t jump back fireball when he’s in range to go through and punish
  • Stop hitting buttons. More than half my damage taken was from trying to get away after I got hit with any kind of green hand. Stand your ground, stop giving up space


Well this thread seems dead

Had a set against a Yun on Steam. First couple of matches are rough but I start catching up




Looking for some overall feedback on my game. In the first match I pretty much forgot what is an anti-air, lol.


no throw game, no game :slight_smile:

edit : I think I’m at the same level you are.


Quick tip: using far roundhouse in that matchup recklessly will get you killed. A competent Evil Ryu player would have punished you hard i.e. cr.HP/cs.HP xx MK.Axe Kick into death. Either stop using it altogether or space it so only the second hit connects.


Me vs The King


Some matches with friends

I suck


sup guys,
what you think about my akuma. I know I have flaws and there is room for improvement. Sometimes I play better and sometimes worse, like we all do. None the less I would appreciate a general feedback. USFIV - Die Turbojacke (Akuma) vs Pro Fluke (El F…: http://youtu.be/xo5w-uIZqjk


@ClxJames about your match against snake eyez.

  • you were hit often midscreen from gh after a hadouken.
  • ultra 2 could punish gh if he tries to chase you down with your teleports,
  • avoid mix ups with teleports.
  • try to bait a reversal after a palm safe jump and teleport to punish reversals, as soon as you conditioned him to block df. throw
  • if you choose u1, anti air demon
  • don’t stay in range of his hk kara throw


I was straight scared that entire fight. 90% of my damage taken came from OSs because all I did was try to run away.

But I appreciate the feedback, I’ve been grinding out that matchup recently

In other news, people should read the front page xD




@Gamogo @Shabrout I know you guys aren’t in the Akuma facebook group, so I just wanted to get your help on the Guy matchup.

Add the t to http above, I can’t link the actual archive.


Not much I can add personally, though while you made some misc errors, I don’t think you’re doing anything majorly wrong and I love the c.mk challenges to his bushin flips. Try using c.hp when you’re not feeling confident to snatch some damage, though sometimes he can stuff it outright. Try to keep the flips and general air-time in check, as the bastard can often get a flip grab which does monstrous damage. I liked the pre-emptive j.lk challenges, but they are very risky.

Get a feel for the spacing to land both hits of fs.hk on him whilst (he is) crouch blocking to maintain pressure too. I think in general, don’t press buttons when being pressured (which you have a handle on) and maybe rope in the fs.hk use when you’re not certain it is going to connect (seemed to be a spacing thing - you were too far out a lot of the time - combined with what looks like a bad habit).

This opponent also demonstrated a solid ability to punish FADC FORWARD from blocked DPs, so next time you guys play, either dash backwards, or drop this tactic altogether. I also noticed (like many Guy players) he liked to wind up his focus now and then. Maybe work on busting it by inching forward on reaction and tagging him with fs.hp or c.mk xx HK tatsu. If you’re feeling extra saucy, c.mk xx U1can be useful if you can get a confident read on opponent’s focus use too.

Another approach against tatsu-sweepable opponents if you find you’re having trouble/difficulty against that particular player, is to opt for EX DP instead of sweep. Naturally you trade away a setup or continued pressure, but it gives a boost in general damage which I find useful if ultimately I’m having trouble taking out rounds or they are too close for comfort. If you are feeling generous with yourself, switch EX DP for HP DP, and FADC FORWARD on the third hit, and immediately toss out a lp tk ball. It can make for an unexpected mix-up, and allows you to land, c.mp > cs.mk xx lk tatsu > etc if it connects.

I personally feel Guy has a slight advantage in this matchup (or at the very least it is even) though that could well be my bias and skill shortcomings at work as I tango with a couple of solid Guy players from time to time.

I hope this helps. I feel you’re doing OK and just need to grind this match out some more. Do you play this dude often? He seems confident in the Akuma matchup and last I checked there was what, five of you dudes in the USA actually using him in broadcast/streamed tournies? Perhaps he’s been studying you. That can make things tough and cause traditional approaches to match-ups to get a bit fuzzy.


SPOILER : Mode Teacher I know everything ON.

Good plan with the cr.MK against flips. But you also can jump HP when it’s coming from far away. Even cr.HP will do the job when the Guy do bad flips.
You can not control the round 100% so when you get the opening you have to go all in with max damage. Doing short combo in such occasions just change completely the matchup.

Another thing not related to matchup but to Akumas in general, me included : Know and accept when you screwed up. Doing a too late jump in because you fucked up the timing after the sweep is not ending well. Pressing button when you know there’s nothing much about it than screaming/claiming “I can frame trap” even if you’re Akuma and at 3 inches you can’t do shit and the opponent button usually rule, is wrong. So when you fuck up the block string, the pushback was too much, you get counter-hited or traded, just call down and relaxe. It’s footsy again now. Step back.
All the cast (okay not all) have the specials needed to cancel at long poke into damage, not you. When you out of effective range, back off.

1h34,24 - See here you just score good damage and push the Guy away, why doing that ex fireball unsafe and punished by ex shoulder ? He didn’t even react, he was on tilt and did it just “because”. You could have block that and get free damage. Just by letting the opponent play and do mistakes. Imho you just press too much shit. It goes with the other remark about the “know when it’s over”. All this add and your life bleed for what ?

1h35,10, blocked a deep slide, missed the punish, crying… But what happened after and cost you the round isn’t smart play, is it ? Walk out of corner, whiff sweep, get knocked down in corner again, wake up jump HK out of range, land, block a far MK then eat a far MP because yeah after blocking Guy’s far MK you totally can play game with his normals ?

That Guy wasn’t that good and was totally on tilt in that match. You punish a 1st flip, he do it again, same one same range, same punish. A damn mid screen out of no where flip. He was clearly not playing the matchup but the player. Notice how he kind of always press something after you block a far MK ? How he often do ex shoulder after he blocks a fireball mid range (1h35,32 again !) ?
Too much preemptive autopilot action form both sides I think.
He knows his ex tatsu is kind of free to photos but use it anyway, did you put so much pressure off any blocked okizeme with godlike throws and frame trap that he felt the urge to avoid that at all cost ? Nope.
You should not react to random shit suddenly working and confirming that into bigger damage, you should not do random shit at all, and react to opponent opening doors for you. But he’s not gonna do mistakes if you don’t let him do them !

1h35,44 - Okay you eat a ex Tatsu mashed, but got a sweep just after, he have 0 meter, he’s free. WHY cross up tatsu ??? That’s the best time for a clean jump HK, cross up Palm into low, or empty jump low into pressure, he can’t mash now !!! I guess you haven’t realized he had no meter and went for your default cross tatsu setup to make ex tatsu whiff, but that was a waste here.

You won this match, good for you, but what you should have controlled didn’t really happened. And that’s your goal. If you can calm down and work on a basic game plan with few stuff, you can easily say what worked, what didn’t , what answer the opponent made that gave trouble, etc. If you play instinct and reckless, you don’t remember shit after the match.

1h37,00 - You had round 1 with just a ex DP on 2 occasion when he flipped on you and won the round because you missed completely the cr.MK, too early. Even trading DP would have won. As far as you wait the fall down to input the DP you won’t go under. That’s probably something you need to work on. Doing stuff based on the entire round situation with meter, life bars, etc. What answer is NOW the best against opponent stuff.

You landed 2 times a heavy startup with full meter, to only do a meterless combo or a … Super on hitstun (cost you the match) (1h35,54 match 1, 1h37,46 match 2).

1h38,32 - you score a big focus and have control on that beginning of the round.
1h38,35 - you say Fuck that I pushed him away, I’m gonna do a demon flip mid screen in footsies… WTF ??
1h38,40 - he pushed you away and control the center now. You think he didn’t understand the point 5 seconds before and go for another random demon flip, he get you with his own random flip, but his can grab ! Call me back when you girls are done with the weed.

The saddest part after all that imho, is that this Guy was doing something a bit more clever, he stepped back at some point several time in the match. He cares for his range and pokes, and he caught you pushing buttons and doing stuff a lot of time. A lot of time really. He was doing random specials, slides and flip okay, but none of that have to be scary. At all. I feel the only problem he caused you was not let you do what you want when you want. But he didn’t put you in a vortex or anything scary Mark Teddy could have done.

Back to matchup, I think Akuma wins it clean. Even with DWU. Guy have not much in the safe pressure department. If you can store 2 bars most of the time, a lot of shit can be punished by DP FADC cl.MP xx tatsu. If DP is CH, go for cl.HP xx tatsu. I think the reset bushing flip throw can be avoided by wake up low normal, still need to do it right though… You always can Focus lvl 1 any flip to get some damage and back off. His cancel into shoulder can be stopped by DP fadc cl.MP…, by cl.HP if he cancel it from MP, by cl.MK, throw is not enough because at the start of the shoulder, Guy is too far to get grabbed.
It’s the same shit as Hazanshu and Yun’ shoulder, if you have to think about it to punish it, you’re not trained enough.
I would go with U2, so I can cr.MK xx U2 flip badly spaced. Which seems to happened a lot !

I think you know a lot of of this already. You lack practice I guess. I wouldn’t have done anything better myself, but I’m an online warrior not a tourney wannabe ^o^.
So you have to step it up in the strategy area. Management of the round. positioning, zed zone, green zone, red light, green light.

PS: the second semi at 2h was a pain to watch. Guy give no fucks anymore, but he still was baiting you. He was fishing for that TP out of corner since Game 1. He finally get it. He was doing cr.LK x2 on block then walk back far MP or far MK, he got you mashing DP now. When you press cr.MK nothing on block you’re negative, but you keep pressing button and get hit. You weren’t playing USFIV there, but e-peen contest.
Get your damage from control not craziness Volcanic. Craziness can only lead you so far. Control will pay the moment you get execution and timings down. You can tech throw, you can back dash you can TP out of frame traps. DP and buttons aren’t at all the wait to go. So chill, you have to block ? no problem, find what he tries to achieve, and keep blocking.


Volcanic, just watch this if you haven’t already :

Explains better I think what I meant by take your time, back off, and all that I’ve said before.
When you’re confortable with that neutral game, I think only then the matchup starts.


@Shabrout video doesn’t work.


@VolcanicAkuma55 WTF it was on SRK front page. They removed it from youtube ??

Okay fixed my poor linking, video is okay now :slight_smile: