Critique my Boxer please



So ive been playing Boxer and (trying) playing serious for over a year now and I know my game needs a lot of work. I went to local tournament out here in NorCal and I was wondering if you guys could please watch these videos and tell me what am I doing wrong. I know to alot of you this is going to be hard to watch because well I suck. I had two matchups that were hard to play for me (1st Chun Li 2nd Bison) and I would like to know from real players what you guys see. Thanks in advance

1st match with Chun-Li

2nd match (losers) with Dictator

Ive been going to these tournament now for about 1/2 a year I would say monthly and I know im getting better but I KNOW what I dont know, if that makes any sense.


Idk if your execution improves later on in the videos but when u hit ur opponent finish your combos


You have to punish well especially with chun-li and bison like when you focused crumpled the chun li. Do the most damaging combo possible so for a crumple do to h.hb not jab,jab, short, headbutt. Work on your combo execution cause cause balrog is all about execution. Second don’t do moves from full screen especially the lower dash punch(and if you do and it doesnt hit then fadc into throw or backwards). alot of times i just simply walk forward cause alot of players will back themselves into the corner. For Bison use c.jab to dash straight,rush punch, headbutt as a punish. I do this alot because of the 3 frame startup of the jab. Here is just my 2 cents. keep playing Balrog man!


Thank you and no it doesnt. I have a problem with this. I dont know why, I go into training and I hit my combos all the time but when I am in the heat of the battle I drop combos like crazy :(. I know I need hit the training room though and keep training.

Thank you. Yep I need to work on better punishing, sigh. I need to break the habit of doing jab,jab,short,headbutt for everything. Bison you mean punish scissors with jab,headbutt? Thank you for all your input means a lot and I have to remind myself that I need to get better at training mode too and not get lazy about it.


I can see quite a bit you could improve on outside the obvious combo problems.
[]Your blockstrings are very poor (cs.rh, dash low. What?), try using jab jab the either walk up throw, walk up st.rh for late techs, or cr.jab st.rh straight away for early techs or people that like to press buttons like the 2 people you play here or step back and sweep for people that like to walk back.
]Dash punches are not safe! I’ve lost too many games because of an ultra after my cr.strong or because I was too obvious with my dash punches.
[]You’re wasting way too much bar on ex dash low. I don’t think you hit anybody with it once and wasted about 5-6 bars on doing it randomly (and against a chun with super).
]Your footsies were almost non existent I don’t think I saw you whiff punish anything, and you used about 3 pokes the entire time, you need to use sweep, st.rh and st,hp much more, just to check somebody if they become to eager moving forward or feel too comfortable pressing buttons.
[]Stop charging turn punches by just holding all the punches and whiffing a fierce, even if it doesn’t get punished it’s really obvious what you’re doing.
]Use head butt to go through fireballs (Chun) you were in range, with charge and didn’t even threaten with it, a more overlooked tool Balrog has imo.
[]You use your Ultra at the complete wrong time. Focus crumpled chun, in the corner after jab jab short got you about 100 damage and not much positioning when using it against a fireball would get you 400 or so and put them in the corner. You could have used the ultra to punish Ex psycho by Bison and possibly turned the game around.
]I think i saw maybe 1 sweep in both of the games! Sweep is amazing with Balrog, use it as a counter poke, when you see your opponent press a button hit sweep and punish that fool.
[]You really need to use a lot more normals to get in and for pressure. basically all i saw you do was mix up between dash low and overhead, a mixup that won’t work on any good player, the Bison started to catch on and just ex psycho on wakeup every time because all of your meaties were dash punches.
]You weren’t option selecting, even from safe jumps. Just hitting sweep after a safe jump will tag a back dash, there were a couple of times your jumps were backdashed and you could have gotten a free sweep.
[*]Finally please stop using dash low! It isn’t safe, it doesn’t hit anybody and doesn’t put you in a good position even if it isn’t punished. There’s no reason not to walk forward and sweep instead.
Some of these points might just be because of tournament nerves, or the matchups (I struggle witch Chun and Bison too) but there are quite a few points there for you too think about.


yeah you can use c.jab into anything if you like headbutt you can do that


ill be happy to help/teach you if you want me too


THANK YOU. For taking the time to respond and watching the videos. This is exactly what I wanted to hear. I had a really bad feeling that im not playing good since every time I go to the tournament I usually place dead last. I guess in the past I dont use sweep to much is because usually I throw it out and people have already jumped over me then I eat a huge jump-in combo and im fucked. My meter use is pretty bad, too be honest I dont know how to really build meter in this game and I use really often quickly (badly too). Agian thanks for posting this and ill read over your post agian and agian until I finally get it.


If you wouldnt mind I would glady take any advice/training I can take at this point. Because quite frankly im not getting “it”.


SURE!!! Im on XBL right now!! Hit me up EZ5 REZ Z


Online Fights # 1


Online Fights # 2













Thats whats frustrating about rog you play so solid then one whiffed mov then your fucked smh


If it’s any help, this is my Chun-Li match-up from a recent local tournament.




You outplayed your opponent pretty bad IMO. That Chun didn’t punish your jump-ins at all and kept using fireballs too close to you. Generally, I think that it’s not too good of an indicator because he didn’t seem to know the matchup well. But you were pretty solid when it came to taking and keeping grounds.


Yeah it is frustrating but you just gotta keep trying and learn from your mistakes. Oh and actively think and play