Critique my joystick artwork please


Its being made by DreadedFist with japanese 6 button layout and a competition joystick.

Let me know what you think:

and with controls:


i like it, but id’ try to reposition the top button to be out of necro’s head


here it is full size and moved the start button. also realized i don’t need a select button [its for dreamcast]:

Full Size


It is always a good idea to mount a dummy select button on dreamcast arcade sticks. If you ever want to convert it into an xbox or psx controller, it is a whole lot less work if all the buttons and “wood finishing” is already done, and doesn’t have to be redone. This is just me speaking from experience…

I also like having the start/select mounted “pinball” style on the side. No more accidental pauses during heavy mashing.


although i don’t like the japan layout, i like the artwork…

good job :slight_smile: