Critique my ken



What could ive done better


Well first you might want to make the video public instead of private


Try it now


Well, I personally don’t play too much Ken, but here’s what I think:

1: Don’t use DP unless you’re absolutely sure it’s going to hit. There was one instance in the video where Akuma was too far away but you threw out an uppercut anyway.

2: Unless Capcom changed something and I’m not aware of it, if you land an anti-air uppercut, you can juggle with a heavy uppercut. One instance in the video where you could have done that but you didn’t.

3: Personally, I’d stick with Ultra 1, unless you’re really good at doing grounded combos into Ultra 2 on standing opponents. Ultra W is just nerfing yourself there.

Again, not much of a Ken player but those are my two cents. Overall though you were good.


Ty sir


You should train yourself to not use EX Hadoken full screen. That meter could be better used as an EX Tatsu to finish a combo, FADC bait, a safe Shoryuken, or RFDC into either of your ultras. Which as already mentioned before, pick one or the other. It doesn’t behoove you to have both.


You use ultra 2 vs Akuma to punish and discourage his use of teleport, so that’s fine in my opinion.

Also I don’t get why you post a win, when someone dismantling your ass tells much more about what weaknesses you have.