Critique my MK please


PowaStar (MetaKnight) v.s. Raz~! (Wario)

PowaStar (MetaKnight) v.s. S3ph (Snake)

PowaStar (White MetaKnight) v.s. S2H (Dark MetaKnight)

Thanks for watching!!! :slight_smile:


Offline matches would help a great deal in critique, as online matches are absurdly dumb in the number of attacks that would fail offline but dont and the horrible spacing the lag forces.


I only watched 1 match and yeah, it’s probably part of the online lag as kr3wman said, but you throw out a lot of unnecessary or badly spaced attacks. Maybe try reacting over predicting some. Course that might not be possible due to the lag.


Your knowledge and “tech” skill with MK is good. I think your fair spacing is good. You seem to dash and grab too much.

But I can’t really completely critique because of the online aspect. I don’t know how the connection was for you AND your opponent. (I don’t know how well and/or NOT well the opponent could have reacted to you)

I’m not trying to bash on your skill, because I know REALLY good players can come from WiFi. Like Ally and Weruop.

Plus…it’s MK. lol