Critique my play Guile



Hey all, so i’m pretty noob, and just wondering if anyone can critique my play.

First couple things that jump out at me:

  • Poor execution: I missed so many AAs and punishes. I sometimes attempted either a fk, or combo, but it didn’t come out.
  • Very poor defense against the throw. I seem to be so slow in realizing I’m getting thrown, I let players just walk up to me and throw me too often. What’s a good way to counter that?

I really appreciate any feed back. I know i must make a lot of mistakes, so feel free. I really want to get better.


Do you know how to crouch tech? A crouch light kick will come out if opponent doesn’t go for a throw. You can link that lk into a lp, mp, boom/flash. Don’t rely to heavily on this. Good opponents will exploit this and punish if you spam it.

Also try using the upside kick to blow up opponent’s crouch techs and throws. Don’t spam this either.


always go for painful punishes if given opportunity (if you’re not charging, you can always opt for GHK + backfist for quick punish and good zoning)


@ATron9000: Great, thank you. I have been trying the to counter the throw, and it’s been helping, also just trying to time it right to tech the throw is helping. I’ve also been working on the lp, mp, boom/fk combo you suggested, although the link from lp to mp is giving me trouble, still practicing the timing.

@permintcuzzi: Thank you! Sorry, what is the “GHK”, i’m assuming hard kick, but what is the “G” stand for?


not sure if its commonly used its called the guile high kick


Look up plinking tutorials on YouTube.


First of all you need like a billion more light sonic booms. You rarely boomed and if you did it was 90% EX sonic boom after walking back several steps. Your jumps were also all without booms in front meaning free anti-air for the opponent. When in doubt, sonic boom. He has to guess to punish you. Also when you get a knockdown, make sure you throw a meaty light boom soon after so that he is forced to wakeup into it.


Thanks all. @ATron9000 I’ve been reading more about plinking, and looks like i might need to get a stick though. It seems some of the heavy button interactions are just not possible using a controller. Maybe i’m mistaken but actually been thinking of getting a stick anyway.

@Ahgama, Good solid advise. Thanks! Yes I noticed the same thing about the lack of booms. I often watch good players online (Dieminion, Blue Emblem, etc.) and one of the first things I notice is the amount of SBs they through out. It’s a habit i’m trying to pickup.

Thanks all!


You boom to build meter, to take advantage of space, and to bait a jump. Light punch boom is your best friend.


Take a look at Gilley Baba’s pre charging Sonic Boom tecnique at YouTube. You’re gonna boom easily and faster (taking less time to charge it). Go to trainning room and practice something crucial for Guile: distance. Always try to keep your opponent at mid screen. Then spam sonic booms. If he jumps, cr. HP. If he tries to walk forward, Spinning Back Knucle (front + HP). Charge Sonic Booms holding down back, so you don’t need do increase the distance to charge it. All you do with Guile occurs after a Sonic Boom. If you opponent blocks your boom high, cr. MK. If he blocks low, front + MP. And so on. I think that’s a nice to start. Hope it helps. Sorry for the bad english.


Something I forgot: you can use Bazooka Knee to shorten distance without missing your charge. After a Sonic Boom, keep holding back and press LK. Look out for jump ins when doing that.


@Rodrim, good sound advice, thanks, i will take note of it! (your English was fine btw, I understood every word of it)


when your pre-charging with guile do you go down back to all the way forward to down back (essentially would you move the stick slightly forward then go downback or just go all the way forward than downback)?


i’d also like somebody to help my guile out as well i think i know my problem but i’m not too sure if its an actual problem i barely let ppl jump i’m pretty patient but i don’t know why i’m losing anybody can follow me on xbl OG Swiizy you can follow my replays or so since i don’t wanna upload them on some crappy ass phone