Critique My Play Please

First of all, wow. Dead boards T_T

I just wanted to come here and ask for some advice on my game. Ignore the first 10 minutes or so because it’s extra laggy due to bad connection with japan and the fact that I’m streaming.
When I start playing the Necro is when it’s decent. This isn’t my best play and I never play against Necro so forgive that (can’t seem to parry that wakeup knee lol). Mostly what I’m asking for is just feedback on my style and any tips to improve it or any other pointers on setups or whatever. Also, I can take any criticism so don’t be afraid to call me retarded for doing X or whatever.
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Thanks in advance, SpoR.

Hmm, well. First off, I’m justa bout as good as you with Akuma, but the way I play is I wait until they fuck up. Which could also help if you used SA2, cause of the Raging Demon. Else it’s good, just learn combos, and parry more.

stop abusing lag

What pherai?

What? You can do Raging Demon with any super choice, and SA1 is by far his best super.