Critique my Play


I’d like to start by pointing out that I know I suck. I’m still brand new at 3s (I played SSFII back on the SNES in my younger days) and played some SSFIV but I never played 3s before OE came out, so please don’t just call me a scub and be done with the thread.

I main Ryu (always have, probably always will) and recorded two of my matches from last night.

First, I get bodied by Ibuki:


I know that I need to block a lot more. Any other tips?

Second, I beat Hugo:


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

Ok let’s see

NEVER throw regular hadouken outside of combo, it’s slow as hell, does little damage and gives the opponent free meter for parrying it, throw EX ones from mid-range can be an effective anti-footsie tool when the opponent is trying too hard to poke.

Press other buttons other than HP and HK, they’re slow for a reason, do cr.MK for low poking and st.MP for high poking.

Throwing out sweep is as bad as throwing out DPs in this game (-12 or something stupid like that), refrain from using it too sparingly.

Avoid back pedaling too much, yeah it might seem to work now, but you’ll have a lot of problem fighting decent players in the corner.

There is next to no true block string and crouch tech in this game, so you can technically say that every move is a frame trap. When the opponent goes on the offense, don’t mash jab, holding down back and waiting to tech is your best option.

Jumping attacks do very little hit stun compared to sf4, so landing a rarely guarantees a combo

3rd Strike is a bit of an odd ball in the franchise, but once you understand all your options and press the right button at the right time, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

Thanks for the tips.

I thought I was using cr.MK as a poke, but I’ll try to do it more often.

I’m still in the SFIV mode of using fireballs as pokes, and I’ve noticed in a lot of my matches that it seems easier to punish fireballs in 3s than in SFIV.

Thanks again for the input!

I’ve put up some more videos on my youtube channel if anybody is willing to comment there.

I’ll put up two newer matches. Please feel free to thrash my noobish play. I really want to improve.

I think in this match vs. a Chun I played well in the first round but got impatient and anxious for the win and played poorly in the 2nd and 3rd.


I did well against this Ken, but I think my opponent was pretty bad.


This Ken completely destroyed me. I was stunned and had no idea how to mount a proper offence.


Thanks in advance for your help / tips!

Avoid all those early jump mk, this leads to nothing but punishment. If your opponent was a little bit better, you should have lost about 1/5 life each time if in range.
Globally, it seems you’re pushing buttons with no idea behind this. Get a plan. Also, learn to correctly punish when you can : sweep, close fb, whiffed srk, etc…

I’m no way pro but things I’ve noticed:

Punish jump ins more people seem to be jumping in for free, shoryuken, standing jab standing hk or parry them.

Throw less fireballs.

Normals build meter in 3s so if your at full screen press or a few times.

Never throw full screen supers, I noticed in your matches you would have super land a and nothing else, learn to xx hado xx super or xx super.

Use more one of Ryu’s best pokes.

If you score a knockdown you should be dashing in to be on top of your opponent, this is when you can use your mixup game,, UOH (mk+mp at the same time), into combo, throw.

Also use denjin more ;).

I don’t like denjin :slight_smile: I like SAI, but the animation for SAII is his best :).

if you’re going to play ryu, you need to learn how to parry above average. he’s not great at punishing on block at all. your parrying skills are not anywhere near where they should be, that can be a focus of practice. you jump around too much also, offensive jumping is not great with ryu since his options are limited. again, not being able to parry well compounds this problem. too much mindless poking as well, this is an issue with many people coming from sf 4 to sf 3. using down jab with ryu to get out of trouble will get you parried and killed by good players, the risk out weighs the reward.

you really want to focus also on the max ranges of your d+mk, d+rh, far standing mk, far and crouching standing mp, f+mp, applying fireballs correctly (normal fireball is fine with ryu if used correctly, don’t do d+mk, normal fireball though, always an ex move or spin kick, though that is risky). applying your dash and kara throw, learn it asap. ryu is more ground control with super 1.

somewhere down the line, comboing into super has to come into play. that can be worked on later though when you get more solid.

here is an example of what ryu with sa1 should play like hah

A few of my matches
VS Urien
VS Chun-li Clutch
VS Makoto
VS Ken

You’re better off using Denjin until you can hit confirm supers. Just hard knockdown into denjin and hit em with a meaty combo if they’re dizzy. If the other player can’t parry they are f**ked :rofl:.

stop sweeping from point blank. stop shoryu against jump ins. use cr.fierce, st.fierce, st.roundhouse, st.strong. you can cancel into shoryu if they parry but that’s still a guess.

dont throw naked denjins. always throw a hadou before and cancel into it. gives you more time to charge and depending on your timing makes the denjin a red parry. also swirl the stick while charging if you didn’t already know that.

I’ve been told a few times not to bother with cr.MK x hadouken and to only do EX hadouken after cr.MK. Why is this? What’s so wrong with cr. MK x hadouken?

I’m not trying to sound snide, I genuinely don’t know.

because you’re not confirming it so if its blocked depending on spacing/character they can punish you.
EX basically is 100% safe unless they red parry.

If you hit with a cr.MK isn’t that confirming it?

Or do you mean if they block the cr.MK not to do the fireball.

hit confirm means to realize you are hitting before you continue the next thing in the sequence.

hit confirming to hadou is basically impossible. i have never heard of anyone doing that. so basically if you choose to do that combo you’re going to do the whole thing because you cannot react in time to the hitting or not hitting. if you do, with a normal hadou, it is punishable. with ex it is not (unless they parry)

stop doing wake up SRKs first of all.
stop throwing point blank sweeps. use
use more of ryus arsenals > throws > standing mp blockstrings
stop using denjin. it gives you bad habits especially for beginners. you need to learn the fundamental skills first. denjin gets you nowhere if you want to improve. use shinkuu.

Watch Georgia ryu on youtube and just learn from their matches.

IMO, x fb is crap cause it’s punishable by a lot of things, hit or blocked.
It’s just a bad habit coming from ST/sf4.
Also, do it several times against someone good and you’ll be red parried.
Q: why do you think it’s impossible to confirm into fb? Is this different than xx sa?

ryu’s has the same hit confirm properties as ken/akuma’s . the only difference really is that capcom felt the need to make ryu’s slow as fuck. you can hit confirm cmk to basically anything, it s just extremely difficult. most ken’s and akuma’s cheat anyway, unlike someone like daigo who can actually see it hit and then super. on arcade i have never seen daigo do a c . mk, have it blocked, and super.

Actually, Ken has 13 frames to cancel, Ryu/Gouki have 12.

its useful because you can confirm into sa1 without using meter. its safer to use ex hadou to do that but mixing it up is fine here and there. if its midscreen you’ll probably be ok half the time. if the opponent is in the corner though xx hadou is a terrible idea.

in general though, no, i do not use xx hadou very often. if i do it’s ex more often than not. but then flare starts red parrying the x hadou and things go downhill fast.